When I took birth on planet earth, I just knew how to cry. I then grew up smarter than most people only because I never thought education was very important. Not that I am illiterate or something, but I had believed in growing up and providing jobs for some 20 odd people instead of approaching 15 odd companies to do work they wouldn’t approve of anyways.

That basically shaped me as a person I am today. Smart, energetic, out-going, enthusiastic and focused. I wonder how my family puts up with me since I spend more time doing what I am doing than what I ought to be doing with my family. With its non-interference ( which I will euphemistically call it as ‘support’), I do strive hard to satiate my otherwise ever-demanding clients. They just keep growing in number while the bottom-line for my company works overtime to catch up with their pace. I haven’t even started talking about all those problems I ought to face to find quality people to work for me and retaining the same supposedly great people when they find greener grass to munch on.

I am this typical young man, mesmerized with anything that is related to the Internet. I started from nowhere and I am today a proud owner of a Company called Seeknext IT Solutions Pvt Ltd specializing in Search Engine Marketing that includes a huge range of services within itself like Search Engine Optimizing, Pay-per-Click campaigns, email promotions and campaigns, e-commerce enabling and development. With the help of my competent team we also provide Web services like web designing, flash and animation designing, Affiliate programme architects, systems and software integration along with the bread-and-butter services like Domain registration, Hosting services, servers and dedicated hosting services through a subsidiary firm called hostcats.com.

I am an SEM expert by profession. While that sounds a little respectable, I am really an interesting nerd, an incorrigible computer ( Internet, specifically!) geek. I have all kinds of geekish tendencies. We also provide original,quality web content for very competitive prices. I sometimes create portals and make directories. I am going to dive with hands and legs into Development and programming. Please connect the loop back to my dreams and ambitions. The loop is complete. My bank account is in place.