4 Lessons That Entrepreneur Can Take from Spartan

Wherever you go in the world, history serves as an inspiration to us. From the inventions and discoveries of Einstein to the valour of the great leaders, history has introduced us to many iconic characters that have been our ideals in every way. We commoners always try to seek motivation from every possible situation but is it same for the big names of the industry? The entrepreneurs?

Like all other individuals, an entrepreneur also needs a guide who can assist him properly in the journey of success. A wrong step can have adverse effects on an entrepreneur’s career and life completely. It is not easy to get motivated once an individual comes under severe pressure. Does this mean that they cannot achieve their goals? Well, the phrase ‘when there is a will there is a way’ perfectly defines such situations. Turn the pages of history and follow the Spartans as they are the ultimate solution to all your unanswered questions. Here is the list of the lessons that an entrepreneur can take from Spartan:

Be prepared:

A successful entrepreneur is built of steady preparation. Not a single entrepreneur enters the competitive domain of business without setting goals and preparing for all the upcoming endeavours that they have planned for. But does it guarantees that everything will go as planned? No, but that should not stop you from being strategically prepared for every given situation. In the words of Ben Franklin, “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. The course of preparation will bestow on you a zest and confidence to face any challenge that is thrown in your way.

It is the prepared mind that will instill confidence in you for overcoming the challenges with positive outcomes just like a Spartan.


What is the most crucial trait in a people that shape them as the true leader? The answer is the correct approach. If you have a strategic mind and vehemently follow a positive approach, you, my friend is deemed to shine as the brightest star in the sky of entrepreneurship! The success of an entrepreneur depends on the way he or she approaches a given situation. Amidst an obstacle, an entrepreneur can either give up or learn something from the given situation and proceed with a positive approach. So, what approach are you going to take? It totally depends on your trained mindset that instructs at every instance.

The Spartans may have won and lost many wars but it was their approach to learn something every time that made them one of the legendary army that had been ever created. Have you failed to win a project? Then just keep aside all your emotions and turmoil of your mind and focus on the drawbacks that proved to be your enemy.

3. Power to endure:

Do you know which power is that one power that the Spartans have used to win all their wars? It is the power to endure. Just like a member of the Spartan family, an entrepreneur who can endure the crisis and the span of low productivity with a brave heart are sure to succeed. One must remember that an empire is not built in a day! It takes a great deal of toil and patience to accomplish something fruitful and instant gratification is not what you will obtain from long-term success.

Not all the wars were won by the Spartan army but did that make them quit? We all know the answer. If you fail to succeed even after months of try then that doesn’t hint that you must quit rather it suggests you to try harder and reach the goal with dedication and perseverance.

4. Always determined to win:

A negative attitude towards life or your business can never bring you success. There will be times in your life when people will question your choices and you will be full of self doubts but a true entrepreneur never succumbs under pressure. What role does determination play? The role of determination is crucial as it enables entrepreneurs to hold onto their dreams and helps them shut out the doubts with action.

You always need to think that you can win the situation instead of all the stumbling blocks. The zeal to win will make you outshine yourself and you are surely going to make a name for self in this era of competition. Spartans never deterred from their determination even when they were facing a huge army. Thus, they have set an example for every entrepreneur to operate with utmost determination and to have a positive mindset towards their work even in the brink of facing grave challenges.

Spartans may have been lost in the pages of history but it is time for you to make a name in the world for the sake of gaining self satisfaction.

It is time to learn something praiseworthy from the Spartans and create history yet again. Ready to gain some knowledge?