5 Free Online Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Even if you try hard, you cannot ignore the role internet is playing to build and create a technologically advanced society. Almost everything has come online; even the process of shopping has become highly dependent on the internet. All the big brands of the world are continuously making the most of the internet by making its use in the best ways. Haven’t you seen what wonders can the social media marketing do even to a small business?

With every passing day, new inventions are made that simplify our works of daily life. An entrepreneur is always under acute pressure and always has extreme deadlines to meet. The complexity of the works could puzzle even a genius and sometimes, even the brilliant employees fail to come up with the precise answers or decisions. So will the internet be of any help to the entrepreneurs and their business?

Many developers have launched such free online tools which are not only of great help for the entrepreneurs but also save a major amount of money. These free online tools are best for the small organisations or start-ups who enter the business world with very less finance but lots of new ideas and creativity. To promote your business and to save your time, these 5 free online tools must be known to every entrepreneur:

1. Buffer or HootSuite

For every entrepreneur out there, are you looking for any tool that will give an ultimate boost to your business? Well, social media marketing is regarded as one of the most important things. And to meet this end, no other tools are fitted more than Buffer or HootSuite. Both are free online tools which will let you customise your online posts and will help you to build your brand perfectly.

As long as Buffer is concerned, this free online tool will let you contact multiple social media accounts to one dashboard, create campaigns and will scrutinise the success rate of your posts. The free plans can give multiple benefits to entrepreneurs, but if you want to use their full strength, go for their upgraded plans.

Just like a Buffer, Hootsuite also lets you sync three accounts simultaneously, and also it helps every entrepreneur to respond to their social media posts easily and effectively. If you are planning to build a strong customer base then get your priorities straight and start social media marketing to target a large number of customers at once.

2. Madmimi

While coming to the next strategy email marketing, Madmimi can be considered as the best free online tool. Email marketing makes your brands and services known to all the customers. Both big and small businesses have to handle and send thousands of emails throughout the day. But are you not sure how to make the first move for email marketing? Then check Madmimi.

Basically, Madmimi is a free tool which creates, sends, shares and tracks email newsletters online. Through Madmimi, every day approximately 40 million emails are sent, shared and tracked. It simplifies email marketing. As we know, for every entrepreneur email marketing demands a critical place and Madmimi can simplify that process like nothing else.

3. Canva

Have not you thought to create professional yet appealing page contents and graphic contents of your website? Visualisation is one of the most important marketing strategies for every business. From custom illustrations to different designs, visual contents are the perfect way to gain creditability and to gain a professional appearance. And if you are in search of online free tools for this purpose, the world assures you Canva is the perfect tool. With free use of fonts, illustrations, templates and images, Canva let you use this tool with the simple way– drag and drop. From flyers to brochures, an entrepreneur can create the graphic contents for his website with the help of Canva. No expenditure but only profits, you must be wise enough to choose the best for your site.

4. SurveyMonkey

For every business and entrepreneurship, surveys are crucial. How can you determine the position of your business in the market? Is your brand accepted by the populace or does it need more development? To get all the answers, go for a survey.

Surveys let you know your audiences better. For getting this work done, there are various online free survey tools; but among them, SurveyMonkey is considered to be the best. Absolutely free online tool, SurveyMonkey helps every entrepreneur to collect consumer information, let you engage customers more, and you get to know more details about your business. Simple and easy, SurveyMonkey works swiftly, and it lets you analyse the results of surveys too.

5. Evernote

For every business to grow, the organisation of works is crucial. To create the perfect organisation, ideas play a big role. Ideas may come to you at anytime and anywhere. Haven’t you ever come across such instances when brilliant ideas clicked on your mind but by the time you reached your laptop, the idea was completely erased from your mind? You need to note down your important ideas in your notebook, and for that end, Evernote can serve you the purpose.
Evernote is an online free tool which helps entrepreneurs to save notes and important documents easily. You can access to Evernote from any devices, and all these information are saved in the cloud. Not only that, it will help you to store content ideas, market research, competitive analysis and many more things.

Let’s not complicate it further and start managing the business with the help of these free tools. Now can you dream about of having an established business?