6 ways to earn money from your blog

Blogging can be very frustrating at the beginning. With so much strategies and content to digest, it is very natural that you may feel disgusted at times. And you may question yourself whether it is even possible to make money from your blog. Let us tell you one thing very clearly. Yes! It is possible to earn money from blogging but for generating that money you will have to be very patient.

Of course, your blog will not start generating money from the very next day it comes online; it takes a great deal of time to monetize your blog. But once started there is no stopping it! The very essential element to earn money from your blog is the web traffic. The amount of traffic your blog attracts is directly proportional to the money you will make. As a matter of fact, you will have to first get traffic for your blog and to create interest amongst the online populace before monetizing.

Now, how will you monetise your blog? There is nothing complicated about it. Here, check them out:


You may have heard about PPC and PPA ads already. You may have known how efficient they are in earning you a good amount of money. But is that completely true? Of course, it is not as easy as it sounds! There is no doubt that PPC ads are an excellent way to earn money but in order to do so, you will have to have a minimum of 100,000 visitors per day. And that is something very hard to achieve instantly. So, what you can actually do is to negotiate with the advertisers and opt for display ads instead of normal PPC ones. This will be helpful for you as long as the ads are in your niche.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is undoubtedly an ace method to earn money from your blog. In the affiliate marketing, you will not actually have to own any product. All you will have to do is to produce content praising the product of the company to earn money. It is actually a good method of earning money and it actually generates a good amount of income.

Try selling Ebooks

Of course, you can sell ebooks or guides through your blog. It is no doubt an intelligent method of earning money from your blog. Well, you can write your own e-book or you can sell e-books written by others through your blog.

Offer courses

You can obviously offer courses through your blog and leverage income by offering online courses. You will offer courses that fall under your blog niche. If you can do it correctly then you will be profitable without any doubt.

Get Sponsorship

Yes! Sponsorship is a great way to earn money from your blog. But you will have to have a good amount of traffic if you truly want to sponsor any article or content through your blog. But if you can do it properly then you will enjoy a good income from your blog.

Sell digital products

It is also a tested way of earning money from blogs. If you have a good traffic then you can always sell digital products like plug-ins or software and even online licenses in order to generate income.

Monetising a blog requires a lot of patience and strategising. It is not easy as it may sound.

So, follow the plans above and strategise your moves perfectly in a cool head. Are you ready to generate income? Then start working now!