Are you failing to achieve the goals? The 5-step process is what you need

If one fine day you are asked to rate yourself out of 10, how would you do that? Well my expertise says, you will evaluate yourself on the basis of the success and failure you have got.

If I am not very wrong, things you have achieved and things you failed to achieve is directly proportional to yourself appreciation. But, do you ever wonder how every single achievement of your life had been a failure at some point? Yes, it is there and just like everybody else, you also hate to fail. 

It is quite surprising how people do not take failure as a path to success even though the phrase “Failure is the pillar to success” came into existence since the ancient times maybe.

Once, Michael Jordan was quoted “I can accept failure but I can’t accept not trying” and just like him a number of famous personalities have failed numerous times before tasting the sweet taste of success.

So next time if the heat of an unwanted failure is bruising you, keep yourself at calm and try to take it in a positive way. 

When you fail, analyze your weakness and strength and tend to dive deeper into the problem, thereby making success easier to achieve. I will tell you how you can tackle failure to reach your goal by adapting to just 5 steps.

1. Don’t believe in failure

As vague as it may sound but the moment when you stop believing in failure and treat it as a perception, things will look much brighter.

Now, the perception is totally a mind set-up and if you train your brain to have a fertile outlook on failure, you will start believing that this is just another way of learning and getting better. 

Just a part of life or a particular event, no matter how big the failure looks, it is always smaller than what you are capable of achieving.

Alter your perspective towards failure and believe in Henry Ford as he said, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right”.

2. Make failure a learning curve

So you have changed your views but what would you do after that? Well, the very next awesome thing you can do is to transform failure into an event of learning. 

Easier said than done, this requires a strong personality and I believe that’s the least you can do to make your life better. 

Though the majority of the population takes failure as the penultimate situation, it is very important to inspire yourself to learn from the events. This is exactly why the majority of the population failed to achieve what they wanted to achieve. 

Once your brain starts learning from the failures, starts an evaluation of your weakness and the right call to action is adopted, you are bound to succeed.

3. Do not forget your goal

Set your goals, achieve them. It sounds really simple but the process is quite tiring as a whole. Do you remember feeling great after completion of something or achieving something? It is because that was your short-term goal and similarly a strong focus on your ambition and dreams is equally important.

Often, people get diverted from their goals due to unnecessary involvements but this is a pure injustice that you are doing to yourself. Although the start always mimics a racing horse, eventually it comes down to a turtle race and slowly things turn south. 

It is very important to believe in your dream, staying connected to it and living it every moment or at least reminding yourself about it every minute.

4. A better planning

If you have already gained a control over your ambition and decided to let the fire burn till you achieve them, then planning ahead is very crucial. 

There are always high chances that you might fail but learning from the letdown and planning the next attempt accordingly is pivotal. Your methodology failed but you as a person did not fail, so buckle up and give it another shot, maybe with a better plan in your mind.

No soul has planned steps towards failure; people who have failed are the ones who drifted away from the plan. Power of planning is amazing and taking actions accordingly is the key.

5. Bounce back up

Failed miserably? Pull yourself up else just lie there doing nothing. Crying and cringing over your failure is the most disrespectful treatment you can reward yourself with. 

Your brain is designed to function in accordance with your willpower, so it is a mandate that you influence yourself to bounce back up.

Do not sit there or stay there with your failed attempts, be courageous enough to stand-up and have another go at it. You need to keep moving in order to sustain and staying there will only make it worse in the long run. 

Did you ever notice how people die in water? They do not drown because they fell into the water; they drown because they stayed there. Failure is not very uncommon and you are not the only person born with bad luck. 

A lot of people go through failures at multiple points of their life but only a small portion of successful people choose to have a different perspective, learn from the mistakes, stay focused on their goal, make a better planning and finally keeps on bouncing back in every instance.

Hope you are one of them who know to make the best out of any situation.