Creativity and Successful life- How are these connected?

We often hear the term ”creativity” or to “be creative” in every aspect of our life. Have you ever wondered that what exactly it means to be creative? Or have you ever happened to imagine that how come creativity can lead us to the path of success? 

The answer from maximum folks would be a big “No”.

So let me tell you in simple terms, what creativity is. Basically, creativity is the way by which one does or performs a task or assignment in the most uncommon manner possible, unlike the conventional ones. 

Doing something apart and unlike from the common or general ways and means is called “creativity”. And surprisingly enough, this creativity is a very powerful mantra to succeed in life with flying colours.

Let’s see how being a creative person can help us to achieve our desired goal.
Opening Doors to new thinking

Suppose you are undertaking a fresh new assignment for which you have to find a solution to have alternate ways or methods regarding the task.

Instead of figuring out the key to the problem regarding the allotted assignment, just have a few minutes to brainstorm the content matter comprehensively so that you might get the answers that were kept hidden in your memory.

Here, hidden solution implies that those answers or those elucidations were not yet created. It formed out of your brainstorming. Wondering how to get some unique approach would give you a spark of new ideas. As I personally experienced it, this will inherently let you become a creative person.

A more personal and long-lasting connection with the work

Love the work you do. This is the easiest way to make you guys understand why you need to have a deeper connectivity with your work. 

Now you might be wondering that what the heck does having a deeper connection with our work has to do with being creative? How come it will escort us to a successful life? Hold on then for a second and read on.

The moment you begin to love your work from the core your heart which means you will spontaneously make an in-depth connection with your task, you will be automatically triggered to think creatively as a part and parcel of your work and not something as an artistic aura. 

Also, when you give your own creative input in the workspace, you automatically create a connection that will aid you in making the goal possible.

Your brain functions better

Instead of being a boss, be a leader at your workplace and lead your team members to the right destination. And being a leader is not a cakewalk. 

You need to ensure that each and every teammate have the perseverance to observe every meticulous detail the assigned project so that they can learn new things. This will encourage them to brainstorm on making better products.

An employee will remain unproductive unless and until a creative effort is been made to accomplish the task. 

We as humans, the most “civilized and rational” beings on earth, must have something innovative to offer the world around us. Our creative efforts are aimed to benefit the society we live in.

A happy and content life

Life goes through thick and thin, and despite this bitter fact, every person has the potential to attain pleasure and contentment irrespective what their present circumstances are. 

In practical life, it might seem a bit difficult to achieve that much needed mental cool which is utmost requisite for a peaceful existence. But the crux of all our hardships is to achieve our goals and attaining all those dreams that we wanted in our life to happen. And that we can attain through creativity.

Human beings are instinctively prone to miss what we do not have in our life rather than prioritizing on those aspects that are present in front of us on a regular basis, without which we perhaps couldn’t have survived till now. 

So to counter this habit, all you need is to express your heartfelt gratitude to those things or those people who are making your life much more beautiful. Plus, also allow some creative outburst and work on it to obtain happiness cause you will finally do something that actually makes you happy.

Happiness and contentment will help you to think peacefully to do something out of the box, in a unique way. A hasty mind is not potent to do so. To be creative, you need to be happy first.

To mark the quote of Barbara Januszkiewicz, “creative thinking inspires ideas; and ideas inspire change.” 

Relate this to your life. Your creative effort towards the world will undeniably lead you the road to success. 

I always suggest to keep the spark of creativity awake in you and let the world function according to you.