Dark Side of Becoming an Entrepreneur

Everything has a positive as well as a negative side and entrepreneurship is nothing exceptional. In the world today, everyone is busy in promoting the positive sides of being an entrepreneur but nobody bats an eye on the negative impacts that it has on your personal life. Does that mean entrepreneurship has no ugly sides?

It surely does have but we human beings overlook those negativities as we are fascinated with the fame and name they earn. No matter how glossy the world of an entrepreneur looks from the outside but in reality the pressure is immense. We all know that one feels lonely on reaching the top and entrepreneurs understand this truth better than anyone else. While you have heard a lot about the benefits of being an entrepreneur as the media covers only the glorious life of the big names but do you know about the dark side of it?

Well, the list below introduces you to the dark side of becoming an entrepreneur:


How is unhappiness related to entrepreneurship? Maybe this is the very first question that comes to your mind but it is true. Unhappiness has an intimate relationship with the life of an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are those people who are always chasing after their goals, who are always striving heart and soul to reach their ultimate destination. It surely does have a positive effect but only if everything goes as planned. What will happen if everything that you have planned goes wrong? The answer is unhappiness, depression and frustration. Yes, the fact is, if everything goes wrong you will be left with despair and negativity. No one will praise you for all the hard works but you will only receive criticism. This is the harsh reality of becoming an entrepreneur.

Detachment with Close Ones and Social Isolation:

We all have some special people in our lives with whom we can be free and we do not need to pretend to be someone else but entrepreneurship isolates you also from them. How much time can you give to your family or friends after entering the world of entrepreneurs? Once you become an entrepreneur, you will have to run after your goals, meeting deadlines and planning business strategies so amidst all of these a distance will slowly build up between you and your dear ones. How will you feel when your loved ones become complete strangers? You will feel pained and lonely just like all other human beings. You will feel isolated from everyone and will become vulnerable to depression. You will have to face these things once you become an entrepreneur.

Success Will Not Come Overnight:

Most of us have different kinds of fantasies about the world of entrepreneurship and many expect to become rich and successful overnight. Is it truly that simple? Will you become successful and rich just like that? No, you will not. Success only comes after lots of constant hard work and sacrifices that you make as an entrepreneur. It involves the shedding of tears, failures and hurdles to become truly successful. No one can make you successful in a flash and that is the reality. Being an entrepreneur is never easy and you ought to be ready to face anything if you want to taste the success.

Health Problems:

Having health complications is synonymous with becoming an entrepreneur. Why can’t an entrepreneur keep a balance between health and work? It is because once you become an entrepreneur you will have to work around the clock without having much time to spare for yourself. You will not have much time to maintain a proper diet and a proper health regimen. You will become deprived of sleep and thus your health will deteriorate rapidly. Ultimately you will become weak and unable to work properly.

These are few examples of the dark side of becoming an entrepreneur. If you are willing to become an entrepreneur then you must have a strong will and perseverance otherwise, you will be consumed by this dark side of entrepreneurship completely.

Are you ready yet to face the dark side of becoming an entrepreneur?