Five Fatal Entrepreneurial Delusions

Being an entrepreneur is a dream come true for many people. Many of us want to begin with a start-up of their own and to make a place in the market today with their own capabilities. But in this process, people get deluded too.

What are these common entrepreneurial delusions? Have a look:

The blindness of knowledge: Knowledge is blessings in the most undefined way it can. But it can be a curse too when your knowledge does not let you see through it. How can knowledge be a curse? Curse of knowledge is when an individual who is familiar with a concept on a particular topic fails to understand the inefficacy of others to understand the topic without having proper knowledge.

So in any entrepreneurship program, it is your duty to convey the idea, whether you are conversing with investors or talking to customers.

Perceived frequency:
Among many entrepreneurial delusions, perceived frequency is one of the most important. We choose something as the centre of our attention and try to form decisions on that perception of ours rather than on tested data, ideas and facts. How can you get over it? Do not narrow down your view to a small corner.

Open your mind to different industries and concepts. That will help you escape the state of perceived frequency.

Control and Freedom: Do you think becoming an entrepreneur gives you complete freedom and control over everything? Majority people see start-ups as a complete freedom where they have the control. But that is a complete illusion.

Yes, you don’t get bossed around every time, but you don’t enjoy the complete freedom at all because ultimately the customers are pulling the strings of your movement.

Feedbacks: While you form up a new idea about your new start-ups, it is always that you try to get feedbacks from your friends or family. Since they are your close friends and relatives, they will always say it is amazing. But that is not the truth.

How to get unbiased feedbacks? The best way to get the perfect feedback is to narrate your story to someone who will not give you a biased opinion.

The frequency of actions: Have you ever pleaded to someone to buy something from you? Don’t ask people whether they want to buy your products or do not plead them to buy stuff from you rather present yourself in such a way that they get tempted to make the purchase.

It is always that people live on imagined actions than on real actions. So whenever, you ask them to take a survey or to buy a product, they will assure you to do it, but they may never do it. So, don’t wait for it!

What happens if you get delusional? The answer is simple; you get drifted far away from the goal you have set for yourself. Do not let these delude you, work hard to make all your business goals to come true.