Let’s Follow the Steps of Our Children and Live a Better Life

“A child is an uncut diamond.”- Austin O’Malley

Children are the epitome of wonder and hope, who bring to us a dream of unimaginable possibilities.Do you feel the bliss when a small child holds your index finger with his/her tiny little hands?

The way they stare at things around them, the way children perceive the events happening all around, the casual carefree gesture that they make, and the way they play with all the hustle and bustle with all the colours of the human race, all indicates of being absolutely non-discriminatory.

But on the contrary, we as adults in due course of time instead of being content to the bottom of our heart and relish the life, the worries and issues subdue us from cherishing ourselves.

We must learn to sustain the natural way of being cheerful and exultant amongst all the humdrum and drudgery of life. Simulating a kid would lead us to the path of happiness, the inception of our well-being.

Famous boxer Muhammad Ali said: “Children make you want to start life over”.  

Go through the following four essential guidelines according to me, for knowing how to be happier by retaining childlike qualities which we can easily acquire from our children for having a life without worries and cherishing it at the level best possible.

1. Be present at the moment:

Often our kids, including mine tends to raise some common questions that why are we not paying them attention.

And what we do? Out of parental shame and remorse, we respond to them as “Yes”, without realizing the fact that we approved to which statement. The very next moment we witness them they are rolling, crawling, running and jumping absolutely carefree.

The motive of stating the above situation is that adults frequently get through such times in their day when they aren’t able to focus on their most important things like family.

And in this rat-race world, by making future planning and getting bothered about the past incidences that may hamper the future, we quite often miss the present happy moments that we can definitely live in.

So the moral of the story is that just like your children, leave away all the tensions and worries, live in the present moment, stay focused, give priority to your family and enjoy life at its best.

2. Not caring about judgment:

Judgmental– the term has many far reached connotations. Some judge others by their appearance, some by the field they work, some by the way they walk and talk and few judges by every minute gesture that others do.

All these negativity cannot be in any form be found or traced in children, unless and until they are been taught or inculcated how to judge someone or something.

Basically, we have to thwart our fear of being judged by someone as if no one is watching us. Do notice children in groups, they perform all the tasks assigned to them very naively, without having any clue of the consequence.

Hence, it keeps them far from speculation and introspection of what could happen in near future. Change your perspective and the society will automatically alter their mindset too. If it doesn’t, who cares either? Have this attitude.

3. Open to learn and adapt to new things:

You must have wondered when you spend time with your kids that why do they keep asking so many stuff. Why do they need to know each and every detail on this earth? And what endows them the capability of adapting smoothly to the new things?

Actually, the thing is that the more you become curious and inquisitive, the more you get to learn new things. And henceforth you also learn how to manage yourself in new circumstances.

Many psychologists have suggested that a curious mind is potent to reduce internal discrepancies and encounters with others. This, in turn, will lead you to relish a happier life full of vigour.

4. Forgiving and moving forward:

Children have a carefree attitude always. They never ever hold grudges against anyone. One moment you reprimand them for doing something wrong, the next moment they will be coming running to asking for some chocolate.

We as adults, having lots of egoistic nature may term this as being having no “self-respect”, but that is not the case. Children also do have self-respect in terms of their sentiment but they know how to forget them and live life happily.

We must learn from our child that people should not hold to their anger for too long. Otherwise, it would be too late to treasure the enjoyments of life once it is missed. Some things cannot be retrieved, we have to remember this.

The guidelines how to act by imitating like your children might sound very simple and easy but believe it or not, it would take much more than mere imitating it.

First and foremost thing that should be imbibed within us is the motive to lead our life with utmost bliss and delight.
We should know spontaneously how to act like a child to keep ourselves and our surroundings happy, charming and jubilant.