Make it big: Be a winner in your 30’s with these 8 lessons

winner in your 30’s with these 8 lessons

Age is a number that keeps on adding and increasing with every tick of the clock. Every single day, every single minute, and every single second, a person is getting older and following a journey that knows no coming back. Although everyone exclaims life to be a cycle, aging on the other hand just travels in the forward direction and the value never decreases no matter how much you want it. Once you have reached the age of 20 years and 1 day, no matter what you do, you can never go back to being 20.

Every day of our life teaches us something new. Consciously or unconsciously, we experience new things, do new activities, meet new people and gain more knowledge. In this learning and evaluation process, the need for evolution is second to none important. The learning curve did wonders to many individuals and people who have recognized the importance of planning and learning have greatly benefited from this.

If you have reached the age of 30 or you are about to enter that phase of your life, it is very important to recognize the value of planning ahead at this age. In our 20s, we have a very different mindset that fails to look into goals, boundaries, the standard of living, the importance of saving money and most importantly the value of people in our life. But as we reach the age of 30 and start living in that, there is a sudden transformation that needs to be well understood and recognized.

That is how the world around you looks but as you enter that third decade of life, the inner and outer you also goes through remarkable changes. This age brings in order and discipline in your life, you can feel like a kid inside but the experiences you have gathered in all these years will shape your outlook in a very different manner. There’s no rule that needs to be followed or notes that you need to mug up, it is the school of life that implants new ideas and goals in your mind.

The age of 30 rewards your brain with more wisdom, you gain more capability to understand the world around you, and also gain more knowledge about yourself. At this age, you learn a lot and if not dealt with proper planning and understanding, things end up going south at this crucial age. A lot of famous people have transformed their lives in their 30s and I reckon this to be the most valuable years of anyone’s life.

Here is my take on the “8 best ways that make your life amazing in your 30s”. The points mentioned will help you grow as a better person, a better family man, a better partner, and altogether a better human being.

  • Respect the importance of health

No matter how much money you have earned or how much crowd you have won, just like your age, your health and immunity also keep on degrading with every single day. Although your mind does not feel that your health is worsening every day, the true fact remains that your body has been breaking down all this time without gaining much of your attention. It does not happen in one single day that your body has given up on you or you are seriously ill. All these while the process was running and you failed to understand.

Our parents have always highlighted the importance of green veggies in our diet and also how it benefits our health if we have a disciplined lifestyle. If the rebellious kid inside you has never acknowledged these key points, it is now or never that you bring in a change.

Once you visit old age homes or hospitals, you will come across many people who wish to go back to their young age and change their whole lifestyle. This desire is because now they have understood how better food, better habits and more exercise could have had a different impact at this age.

It is a fine age to bring in that change in your life, choose good food and pay more importance to exercise. You do not want to be that guy who regrets making wrong choices at their prime age and can never forgive him for not doing something he should have done.

  • Choose the right people around you even if there is none.

You may have been a popular figure in your college; a lot of people have always appreciated your talent and celebrated your victory in your workplace. Or, you may have always received warm responses from the people around you. If all this is true and even if you consider yourself to be a people’s man, thirty is the age when you need to have better life choices. Life choices do not only mean a better job, a better house or a better lifestyle, it even includes the importance of good people around you.

At this age, you seriously need to understand the face when it comes to friends, it is really about quality over quantity.

You are not a teenager anymore who is still trying to figure out the path of life and hanging out with people who fail to add any value to your life. At your thirties, choosing the right people to motivate you and associate with you is very critical. If you want to cut loose on a few people who never had any contribution to your life’s journey, now is the time you should do so.

In your thirties, you do not need to impress people who only show care in few occasions or are there for selfish reasons. There should be absolutely no room for people like these. Choose the right friends and only share your valuable time with the ones that can have a positive impact on your life.

  • Make better financial decisions and start saving

Your bank balance has an influential role to play in your life. It might sound very materialistic but when you turn 60 and you cannot spend money at your will, there will be a mental breakdown. It is now or never that you make all the right financial decisions and also start the saving process for your retirement. The days are gone when you have been spending recklessly without considering the importance of saving, at your thirties you should gain a significant amount of knowledge on various monetary aspects like insurance, retirement plans, mortgages and also debts if you have.

At the age of 30, you should start with your investment plans, get rid of all your unwanted debts and put a least to your bad spending habits. Along with that, you should also make an emergency fund which can come in handy in various situations. There are innumerable examples of people getting robbed off all their money by wrong business propositions, unforeseen health hazards and even various legal issues. You don’t want to see yourself getting all tangled up with all these and end up being homeless in the upcoming years.

Saving small shares of your paycheck can really aid in a much better lifestyle. At the age of 50, you do not want to be a person who regrets not saving enough or not having enough to sustain some unwanted disaster. If you look up into the internet, there will be many people who express their dismay of not understanding the importance of saving and are now left stranded, make sure you do not fall in that list in your later ages.

  • Let’s analyse our weakness and work on our strengths

‘Jack of all trades master of none!’ This statement sums up the life of many unsuccessful people around the world. In our early ages, our dreams and aspirations make up a huge part of our life and knowingly or unknowingly. We think that there are many things we can conquer in this world. But as we age and get wiser, these thoughts fade away in the oblivion. You have entered the crucial “thirties” of your life and still deciding what you should do and what you shouldn’t? Well, it’s now or never situation that you need to recognize.

The focus is on what you need to have and make it your most important weapon. It is high time that you realize what you love doing the most, in what field you have the expertise and most importantly what you can keep doing for the rest of your life. After this self-evaluation comes the next important thing, the need to be better at it. If you deal with anything and pay more attention and focus towards that, you can be really good at it. Recognize your dreams, write down your aspirations, sort your goals, and start working to get there. A couple of dreams is what you should have in the bigger picture and every step ahead should be towards achieving it.

  • Grow and evolve, now is the most fertile time

The people, the money, the relationships, your friends, all can come and go but what you learn and what skills you earn will always stay with you. In the third decade of your life, you are practically at the wisest state with loads of life experiences along with many awareness and knowledge. If you stand down now and stop the urge of growing, you are making a huge mistake. Every day you can acquire new knowledge and add to it, every word you learn will define you in the run and now is when you should understand the importance of growth very much.

Look into the life of great people who had an undying thirst of gathering more knowledge and knowing more. Study their struggles and mimic how they have continues on their journey of growth. Respect the learning process and make everyday count. This is the time for you to grow both financially and as a person. Be the person people can look up to for example, be a better friend, a better parent and a better partner.

  • Learn to manage time and give the same to your family

You have spent a huge amount of time and a great part of your life blaming your parents for your failures. It’s acceptable that at your 20s, you will not understand what they wish to say and how much they want you to understand the morals of life. But when on the 30s, you should make it point to make the bond stronger.

Apart from your parents, now is the time when you should really understand the value of your partner. He/she is there because you wanted it that way and now you need to respect them, love them, grow along with them, pull them up from the worst situations and plan all the journey with them. They are important and you should really make it a point to make them feel more important.

  • Pay less attention to other people’s views on your life

It is okay if a lot of people have negatively affected your life in your early phases. Almost everyone comes across this struggle and it takes time to learn how to tackle, but this is when you are in serious need of that knowledge. At your thirties, your life is what you make of it, how you actually wanted it, so do not let others opinion and views leave a negative impact. Now is not the time when you can afford to waste a single day or cry over your wrong decisions. You need to understand every wrong decision has added more knowledge and even if there are people who are highlighting your failures more than your success. Its time to either ignore or cut them loose. If you cannot be strong enough to respect your personal decision, you really need to consult help.

There will be people who enjoy criticism more than you can imagine, who appreciates melancholy more than joy, and who loves to pull you down, you should learn to pay fewer ears to their comments.

  • Most significant mantra: Love yourself!

The most important point to remember and by heart is to love yourself. All these years, you have questioned your capabilities, doubted your abilities and punished yourself for every wrong step but that time is gone. You are a grown up and you should really get comfortable with the idea of loving yourself.

The last two decades of your life has been the renaissance period and you have gone through huge transitions. Just like you every single person out there, you had your fair share of struggles and road bumps in the journey. Don’t be harsh on yourself as this is the first time you are experiencing adulthood, so have a tender approach that can benefit you.

You will have to know you are probably doing much better than you think.

Now, are you going to follow these to shape your life into a beautiful one?