The Art of Sales: Lessons learnt from a street seller

Working in front of a desk with our eyes glued to our computer screens, we often forget the tricks to sell products. We often forget how to connect with the people that are visiting your website and how to make them buy our products.

Selling the products is an art. You need to convince people that buying your products are the best choice that they can make. You need to create a connection with your customers; you need to make them understand that the price they are paying is the lowest too. These are the things that you need to sell your products without any hassle.

The last time I visited Delhi, I had the privilege of seeing a street seller selling his products closely. I was amazed at the proficiency with which he was convincing the customers to buy his products.

He was standing on the footpath with a microphone in his hand. As the people passed by unaware of the street seller standing at the roadside, he suddenly said in his microphone

You faced a problem today. Didn’t you? And you are worried about how to get rid of it.

All of sudden, people looked towards him and he was at the centre of their attraction. This was the very first thing that I learned from him. If you truly want to get the attention of the people then you need to get their attention first.

As soon as he was able to get everyone’s attention, he went to talk to every individual to hear their problems. He made everyone laugh with his witty remarks and unavoidable charm. Quickly, he befriended everyone and went on to introduce his product.

At the very moment, I realized how efficient of a seller he was. He knew that to sell his products, he would have to make some sort of connection with his customers. So, he quickly proceeded to do that once he had garnered the attention of his customers.

The seller suddenly addressed the crowd and said

if you think that my product cannot help you, then you can come here at any time to get your money back. And do not bargain with the price, it’s the lowest that anyone can give you for the products I am selling.

His words were simple but it encouraged people to try the products that he was selling. Thus, he made almost thousand bucks with his 25 minutes of effort.

This experience was a real eye-opener for me. We spent hours as well as large amounts on running ads on Instagram, Facebook and everywhere we can. But we simply ignore the basic rules of selling product.

Running an advertisement will not magically sell your products. You will have to create appeal amongst the masses, create a rapport with them; most of all you need to justify the price and assure them that they cannot get better than what you are offering. These are the things that you need to understand and do efficiently to increase the sales of your products.