Things that keep you going during the Toughest Times

The graph of life is unfortunately never a linear graph, we all have ups and downs constantly and to be honest everyone has their own set of problems they have to deal with.

There are a lot of things I regret doing, instances I regret holding on to and even decisions that could have turned my life in a more colorful way. Just like me, every individual out there goes through similar or worse experiences but it is very important that these situations do not snatch the best from you.

Letting go of multiple career opportunities or suffering through a relationship break down affects a lot of fighters but only a few musters enough courage to stay and fight, others just lose. Though I cannot actually help you avoid the tough times that wait, what I can tell you is that in every tough phase, the glimmer of hope is shining at its brightest.

When I struggle to keep up, when I face let downs or get punched in the face for different reasons, I usually put myself in a routine of self-provocation that helps in running the race.

Primarily, there are some important things I keep saying to myself which I will share with you today.

It’s not going to be forever

Nothing in the universe lasts forever and similarly, your pain and or the bad phase will also fade no matter how big it is.

I know whenever a failure occurs, we tend to start believing that it will be forever and in turn believe ourselves to be incompetent of success but it is not right in any way. Stop thinking the negative feelings and start believing that it will pass.

Next time you fail to do a designated job, do not start thinking that in the coming days also you will fail miserably and instead believe tomorrow is going to be a new day with new energy.

Deal with situations and use it for strength

Going through a really challenging time where everything and everyone is functioning to pull you down? Do not be afraid or broken and utilize this situation to make yourself stronger than ever.

You know whenever a failure occurs, your brain perceives different thoughts and if you can transform these thoughts into strength building exercises for the coming days, you are always a step ahead of the rest.

Think the tough times to be a fuel that helps in building up of mental toughness for the betterment of future.

Treasure the tough times

Every single scenario in life has an underlying importance and when it comes to situations of failure, the values you can learn from each event is a teaching of a lifetime.

When you land yourself in a dream job, you feel happy and delighted. Although you love your job and career quite a much, somehow you understand its real importance if you ever lose the job.

Similarly, when you lose a job you learn to be more precise but it also opens up new windows for you. New job means you will get to learn new things and experience brand new openings which might add more value to your life.

Every hero had to go through a tough time and they came out stronger than ever on the other side.

Take small steps forward

One of the most important things I always keep in mind is that tough times are like quicksand, it sucks you deeper if you do not move.

Each and every hard situation has an escape route and taking small steps towards the escape route is the best thing you can do.

In my youth years, I had a huge struggle in concentrating on particular things. I always believed this will affect my life largely and will be the primary reason for my fall.

But I decided to tackle the situation by fighting it with help of baby steps. To increase my concentration power, I started waking up early. Although I failed to change my practice suddenly, I chose to do it in a periodic manner by waking up at least a minute before the last morning.

Along with that every day I meditated a minute longer than the previous day. Surprisingly, I was full of positive energy and positive strength to push me ahead in life and I knew how to concentrate on every task I do.

It is very important also to mix with people who have a positive outlook on life. A positive approach is the key to success and also the key to overcoming challenging times.
Talk and interact less with people who have negativity as it fails to add any value to your life whatsoever.