Want to stay Creative even during Toughest Times? Here are ways that can help you

The internet is the powerhouse of information, from places to people to anything in the world, every information is there on the online sphere. What if I tell you this boon often turns out to be quite harmful in the way of living life? Yes, it does.

Overuse of anything does not contribute to good mental or physical health and often becomes the main source of dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

If you are the one who relies on the use of the internet to enhance knowledge and creativity, this practice indeed helps you in numerous ways. 

When you learn about new things of the world, a sense of innovation sparks in your mind, your perspective alters, and even your creativity gets a boost. But, when this methodology becomes a habit, the digital world takes over your brain and causes multiple types of problems known to mankind.

Talking about creativity, everyone has the want to be more creative in their everyday life. Innovative ideas and creativity go hand in hand. 

You, me and everyone else has that underlying hunger to create the next big thing but many times this thrive to success gets the best of you and changes your personality for the bad. In moments like this, happiness, satisfaction subsides and all you get in your mind is frustration and a sense of failure.

To take you out of this despair, I will tell you a few secrets that can transform your life even in the times of utter disappointment and dismay. These ways have helped me grow professionally and as a person too. 

Here are the best things you can do when you feel that creativity has hit a stagnant point and all you are feeling is defeat and lack of inspiration.

Alter where you work

Letting your creative juices flow often becomes a challenge for entrepreneurs when all you see every day is the same corner of the wall or the very same desk. The fertility of your brain needs nourishment to keep up.
If you limit yourself and bind your life to the same atmosphere every single day, you are doing injustice to the creative entrepreneur that lives inside you.

It is okay if you love your office but getting out of it and spending some time in a garden or coffee shop to plan your next project can actually help you amazingly well.

When you change your working environment, the people you see around you also changes, the air you breathe changes, and even the sounds are different as well. 

This actually does more good than you can possibly imagine and helps you look at things differently. Your creativity will get a boost and help you in the inception of new ideas in your brain.

Alter the pattern of how you used to work

Now the next big thing you can do is adapt to a new routine. For example, maybe you are the one who feels the push more during night times, hence you try to do all your job and thinking when the moon is over your head. 

No one is telling this is bad but what you can do is change that routine and try a new one. If nothing new is hitting your brains, start waking up early and dedicate the morning hours for working.

It doesn’t matter if all your life you have been a night owl, a small change can do wonders and this is the least of changes you can try to bring a better future. 

Do not make up your brain that you can only be creative at night, keep it open for new challenges and try your luck. If you can trust me, it will not cause you any harm but might as well help you to become more innovative and creative.

Alter your mindset

Often, there is a desire growing inside you to be the best among the rest. Being an entrepreneur, there is always a desire to outclass what you did previously.

Did you know that this habit only makes it worse for your brain? Well, it does. When your brain senses pressure and competition, it functions in a different way. 

All your mind can think of is how to make you function better than the last time or the other person, thereby closing doors to new things. This habit may look very healthy at first, eventually; it hits a stagnation point which you would not like by any means.

Keep your mind open for new challenges. Do not force yourself to be better in every instance, just keep the freedom and you will be surprised to see how your brain is accepting new things.

My life experiences as an entrepreneur have taught me a number of things and from my occurrence of events I can tell you since the time I have decided to alter these few habits, life rewarded me with more and more progress.

Take small steps but do move, staying there at the same place, in the same way, is no way nourishment to creativity. Try maybe a single tip to see how you can alter your life and your growth.