2 Positive and Negative Results From the Desire to Be the Best

Are you addicted to success? Do you desire to be the best? Maybe we all do. This is a quality that everyone must possess to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. The desire to become the best can be your best weapon to fight against the odds and survive even in the harshest environment for achieving success. But you must also have perseverance and the guts to never give up. Otherwise, only the desire for being the best can be the reason for your downfall. If it is not supported by an indomitable spirit, then you can become vulnerable to failure and your desires can become the reason for your greatest despair.

So strive hard to be the best and possess the will to survive through any adverse conditions to reach your destination. You must always accept everything the way they are and you should never give up on your will to become the best. What are the positive and negative results from the desire to be the best? Here are few for you to relate:

Positive Results

The Quest for Self-Improvement:

When you have a strong will to become the best in the things you do then you will seek out for self-improvement. You will always try to hone your own skills and perfect your imperfections to become the best. How is it a good thing? If you are aware of your own limitations, if you are aware of your own imperfections then it will always cultivate strength in you that will inspire you to improve yourself. You will always try to improve your own skills and capabilities for finishing the race as the winner. Self-improvement is the key to success and the one who have mastered this art will always be successful in the path of life.

Zeal to Learn and Master New Things:

If you are fixated on becoming the best then you will always try to acquire new skills and also have the thirst to learn new things. Will this passion help you to fight undauntedly in the long run? The desire to become the best will always provide you with energy and strength to learn different things every day to outshine others and reach the top. When you have the desire to be the best you will always evaluate your own skills and will try to come up with new things so that you can beat others in the race. You will surely turn out to be the best with passion and dedication.

Negative Results

Emotional Vulnerability to Failure:

What will happen if you fail? Have you given this a thought? Actually, you have not, nobody does. But this negative side of the desire to be the best can totally ruin you. It can leave you emotionally vulnerable to the failures. Success and failure both are the parts of our life but if you are fixated on being the best it can become the reason for your greatest despair. This desire can leave you shredded to pieces after your failure; it will make it too hard for you to accept that you have failed. So you will need an indomitable spirit and strong guts along with your desire to overcome the failure and move forward towards your goal.

Inability to Accomplish Targets:

The desire to become the best can give you the energy and strength to move forward to your target fighting against the odds. But it can prove to be your greatest weakness too. How can this desire become your greatest weakness? The answer is indeed very simple. Rather than giving you strength, your desire to become the best in everything can also drain you of your strength thus making you powerless and unable to achieve your goals. Your desire can become your arch-enemy as it will make you over think thus making you incapable of taking decisions thus jeopardising your mission to achieve success.

The desire to become the best is not always a bad thing but what you need most is the fiery will and a never back down type attitude towards life.

Now, can you handle the benefits and flaws?