4 things you must never say your employees

  Employees are the pillars of business. The success of the organisation or business totally depends on the labour and efficiency of the employees. If they fail to give their best, your business will soon undergo major losses. But sometimes, we tend to get hard on our employees. So, should we stay polite? Or handle it in a diplomatic manner? Business heads must maintain their position of being a superior but in order to maintain the quality of work that the employees produce, they must no say to these things:

  1. Claiming that he knows nothing:

It is one of the patent things that include in the dialogues of all the bosses but sometimes, it seems to deeply affect the employees. But how can a dialogue said out of anger discourage an employee? If you constantly keep your subordinates reminding about his flaws, he will gradually lose self-confidence and end up working inefficiently.

  1. Threatening about deducting salaries:

It might work like a magic wand on certain employees who deliberately stay lethargic towards work but individuals trying their best for contributing to the welfare of the business can even go on to quit when he faces such an insult. So, how can that be a loss for your business? Well, if you lose a dedicated worker for your mere threats, other normal employees may feel unsafe to work with you and thus, can end up resigning too.

  1. Do not make him feel that he is lucky to have a job cause of you:

This is one mistake every business giant makes. At the end of the day, your business is earning millions only because your employees work hard to make your business better. But why shouldn’t you make him feel grateful? If an employee has bad intentions, he can ruin your empire or mislead your team. However, the honest workers choose to quit and you lose a capable employee responsible for your growth.

  1. Finally, “I am your Boss, do as I say”:

This filthy statement is quite inhuman. You might be the controller but the employees are the actual producer. It is usually their brain and labour whereas your name. How can this dialogue hamper the relationship between you and your employees? They can just simply go rebellious and if they try hard, your business can cease to exist. It is important to maintain a healthy relationship.

It is necessary to be a boss at times but not always. So, will you control your tongue while confronting the employees?