5 Extreme Differences Between Dreamers And Doers

To have a dream and to work towards the achievement of that dream is what we should plan for. Both Dreamers and Doers are important, but the transition from a dreamer to a doer is way more significant. A dreamer basically becomes a doer, when he/she chases his dream. But if you end up being a dreamer, that might be the turn out to be the biggest ‘regret’ of your life. If you are confused with the question, “Am I a dreamer or a doer?” then follow these extreme differences between dreamers and doers:

  1. Words Vs Action:  

    What’s the basic difference between a dreamer and a doer? The glaring difference is in terms of fruitful action. Dreamers just envision and paint a rosy picture of their dream, while doers believe in less talking and more effort towards achieving their dreams. Doers basically express their words through their actions.

  2. Procrastination Vs Proactive:

    Procrastination is a sworn enemy of success, one who procrastinates seldom gets to achieve what he desires. Dreamers make a number of excuses to postpone their work, while doers believe in being proactive, they are obstinate when it comes to their work and don’t put off their work at any cost. Doers get it done as they are hungry for success.

  3. Speculation Vs Experiment:

    Dreamers spend most of their time in contemplating about a probable situation. They spend their time planning for situations that may or may not arise. But planning is a good thing, right? Yes, but experimenting is better. Doers risk experimentation and improve their attempts if meted with failure; they have more practical knowledge than the dreamers, who just rely on their theory and explanations.

  4. Hopelessness Vs Persistence:

    Dreamers spend a lot of their time speculating the best possible scenario about their goals and it is exactly why they often become hopeless when things don’t go according to their plan. Dreamers become pessimistic and give up on their dreams. While doers, on the other hands approach failure with positivity and learn from their shortcomings. They are persistent and that helps them to move ahead.

  5. Final destination Vs Journey:

    Dreamers are more concerned with the ultimate destination, and why is that a bad thing? Because they seldom make any solid effort to actually start the journey towards their destination and that reduces their possibility of achieving their goal by leaps and bounds. Meanwhile, doers are more focused on their current journey. They believe in working at the moment to move ahead towards their destination.

Now when you know the differences between the two, the question is what are you going to be?  A dreamer or a doer?