5 Phone Answering Mistakes That Drive Away Customer

The art of answering calls is very important for every business organisation; it decides what kind of vibes you are providing your customers with. How would you like if someone does not rightly talk to you over the phone?

Similarly, improper telephone conversations can also tick your customers off the wrong way. Hence, you need to avoid certain mistakes to keep them engaged with your business.

Too many choices: Are you one of those who provides their customers with a series of different choices? If you are then it is the right time to bring a change in your communication skills. Whenever you call a customer, it is not likely that they will give you infinite time to explain all your offers.

People are always in a rush and giving your customers too many options is to drive them away from your phone calls. Giving a lot of choices might seem like an important part of your business but sometimes it just make consumers frustrated, and they are likely to avoid your phone calls.

Automated answering service: Can you solve a real problem of your customers with an automated answering service? Automated answering service is not helpful all the time, and the frustration multiplies when someone has some real problem that can only be solved with the aid of an actual human being. It is the most common complaint that people have with a particular service.

So, if you don’t want to drive away your customers, it is better to put up with a quick option where people can communicate with some fit person.

Talking in a blunt way:
Do you remember the guy from the mobile phone service and how you got irritated with the blunt voice? It is true that many businesses get caught in the trap of blunt and mediocre IVR answering method, and it truly drives people away from calling again.

So, avoid bland, boring or confusing talking way or language and make sure to use voice to which your customer can relate to.

Asking for too many information: People do not usually call your service centre after gathering all information from the past and present, do they? So, if your phone calls are seeking for too many information, it is likely that people will restrain themselves from using your service again.

No feedbacks:
Do not you think that getting feedbacks from your customers is a good thing? Often businesses don’t seek for customers feedbacks and it is the worst mistake they can ever make. Asking for feedback is important as people want to let their advice be heard all the time and when you don’t pay much attention to that, then it probably drives them to the wrong way. So, always ask for their feedbacks, be that even a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

Are you ready now to never repeat these mistakes? Converse with your customers in a most polite and helpful way to make them feel engaged to your business.