5 Reasons Why You Need to Ditch Your To-Do List to Be More Productive!

There is no doubt that having a list of the things that you need to do is a good gesture to keep yourself reminded of the most important things that you need to accomplish.

But it keeps you from achieving greater things; it prevents you from becoming more productive.

Still not convinced? Well, here are few reasons which will make you ditch your to-do list:

No more excuses and delays:
People always keep their to-do list updated just because they do not want to do that job by their heart. Do you need a to-do list for watching your favourite television show? To-do list is the synonym of ‘I will do it on the next day for sure’ or ‘the day after tomorrow’ and so on.

A to-do list just an excuse to procrastinate. But when you ditch your to-do list, you become more productive by doing every chore just on time. Without a to-do list, you see dirt; you clean it up. It happens because of the intuition that later you may forget it and the stuff will never be get done.

You don’t stop when the list stops: Do you stop with your list? A to-do list is just an imaginative barrier that gives you a false sense of satisfaction. Maybe, in reality, you are compatible with doing more work, but you will never know that while having a to-do list. For one day, ditch the list and see how productive you can get.

Time waste: It is a matter of time to write down the whole to-do list. Are you sure that you are not wasting time with your list? You put much efforts and energy on finishing the list. Instead of that if you put that time and energy on completing the actual tasks; you may not need a to-do list at all!

False accomplishment: When you have a to-do list, you concentrate more on ‘ticking right’ before the list than actually completing your work correctly. You may leave your work half done, but the right tick beside ‘cleaning’ or ‘washing’ means everything. It gives you a sense false achievement. By ditching a to-do list, you will not have anything to ‘tick’ anymore. So it is evident that you will do your every chore properly.

You will enjoy your life more: With a to-do list, you just trap your life in a small container and do not let it out of it. Someday, you may have the mood of not doing regular chores and instead want to enjoy the beach.

But if you have the to-do list on your mind, you cannot just enjoy a little fluctuation. So ditch your to-do list for good, enjoy life and be more productive. Isn’t this happening?

A to-do list keeps you prevents you from unlocking your full productivity. Who wants to live confined to the instructions on a piece of paper?

Ditch the list and explore beyond the list to be truly successful.