6 lessons to learn from a NASCAR Solpreneur

While Europeans have always enjoyed soccer and F1, Americans are proud with their obsession with the Super Bowl and NASCAR. There is just something about the big aero dynamical metal boxes reaching at a wild speed that attracts us to them. Julia Landauer wasn’t any different. But she decided to make a name for herself in the sport even before high school. With her parents, she worked hard to get her brand recognized and grab sponsorships no matter how small. At just 24, she has challenged a mostly male sport and is an inspiration to all feminists.

It is never too early or late to do something. Yes! If you want to get out of the traditional system and make a name for yourself by starting your own thing then you should be proud of yourself. Bearing the weight entrepreneurship is a tough job which most of the people fail to carry. But if you can; if you have that dedication then you will be able to do wonders. And that is what Julia teaches everyone through her story. Julia, a 24 year old NASCAR solopreneur has revolutionized the world of entrepreneurship and she has set herself as an example of all the inspiring entrepreneurs.

Taking the wheel on and off track she has made it into the GCR team. Nowadays, the internet and developing technologies are empowering entrepreneurs even before they hit 20. So let’s look into some of the advice the lady herself has to offer to the aspiring entrepreneurs and their families.

Custom build your academic portfolio

Except a handful of European countries, the college education system in the rest of the West is quite messed up. Launder could have skipped her pursuit of a degree given her racing aspirations. But decided to tailor her education. Her major included English, computer science, communications, mechanical engineering and history. This enabled her to have a sound knowledge of the working of machinery, impress sponsors with her proposals and make excellent presentations.

Have some faith in yourself

This might seem like a familiar line from clique movies and inspirational speeches. But it’s essential in moments of doubt. Landauer asks you to list out your accomplishments or boost self confidence in other possible ways in such moments. Confidence is a great asset to an underdog.

Bank on the things that set you apart

Performance might not be the sole factor at play. You need to figure out what makes you unique and put that to good use. Landauer realized it and even grabbed certain sponsors with her disadvantages.

Don’t shy away from mentors

Landauer didn’t get to where she is without positive criticism. She had found incredible people who kept a watchful eye on her work. Be it financially or something else. According to her, the mentor list is long and includes her parents, teachers and people she met in the industry.

Understand you are not at the centre of everything

Often the young, as well as the experienced entrepreneurs, get overwhelmed by passion while working on something new. But you need to realize that everybody may not be as excited as you; so be open minded to listen to everyone and act accordingly.

Have your own story to tell the world

You will not have to be like someone else to be accepted by the world. Be who you are and take pride in yourself. Inspire the world with your own story like Julia Launder.

So, do not give up on your dreams! Work hard and follow the example of Julia Landauer. Are you ready to walk the path of entrepreneurship? Then do not wait further, set your sails as the success awaits you on the horizon!