A lot of cock and bull stories are build up around every sector of our life. Myth, that has its roots in almost every institutional sectors that we have seen and heard of till today, has some obvious branches throughout the world of corporates.

  1. The lack of stability of job-

Of course government jobs assure  stability of jobs but the myth of corporate world being absolutely vulnerable about its employees is absolutely a wrong information. With good work and proper understanding of the work a person working in a corporate sector can drive himself up to his desired position.

  1. “He is wealthy. He must be a corporate guy”, the lack of absolutism in the statement-

We have a tendency of assuming that any wealthy person in the society cannot be possible servicing for a government job. This conception of government sector and at the same time corporate sector is wrong. As long as you performed well, the government sector pays off well to its employees and if not performed well the corporate sector denies to deal well with the employees working there.

  1. Myth about only corporate sector jobs being tricky to crack at the interview-

The distinction between the level of difficulty in cracking jobs, may it be private sector or government sector is almost the same. The sectors both have specially planned written exams and interviews which are difficult but can be cracked is prepared for properly.

  1. Tactics and formulas are meant to be broken and amended-

Corporate world is based upon breaking of previous formulas and tactics and which is the main reason it can develop itself everyday. The myth of sticking to the previous formulas is not applicable to corporate sectors.

  1. Bookish language is need to be broken out of-

The myth of sticking only to bookish knowledge is absolutely a disaster. Everyday when we step out, we face different challenges and myriads of new situations. The society can be the reflection of any government or corporate sector. So here in a corporate sector we cannot always abide by only bookish knowledge. Our different must be innovated and put in act for better results at the workplace.

  1. The terrible myth about over work-

 The myth of overwork is very much popular in the corporate world. However as researches have said, overwork might be done to replace a certain lack of work in any sector. Otherwise, if there is no gap filling to be done overwork is an absolutely absurd issue isn’t it? It’s a stupid myth to be spoken of and believed in.