9 Things I Am following on my 39th Birthday


So, I celebrated my 39th birthday this year. Many people will say that I am getting old since I am slowly approaching towards my 40s. But I would like to differ. I like to think of it as a beginning of a new chapter in my life.

As I got to the 39th milestone of my life, I have become more experienced and have gained a new outlook on life. Now, I have become far better at taking crucial decisions as well as making important choices. I have a clear idea now about what I want as well as the need to do than my younger self.

But every year is a new beginning and we should update ourselves with the passing of time. We should venture into new things and enjoy our life at fullest while keeping everything balanced.

That is something, I have decided to do as I crossed the 39 landmark. I have decided to live my life in such a way that I would have no regrets in the future. As a result, I am concentrating on strengthening my body, soul and surround myself with positivity in the 39th year of my life.

Things that I have decided to follow on my 39th birthday:

Well, let me share with you things that I am going to do this year. Here are 9 things that I am following on my 39th birthday. Have a look:

1. Run and Exercise as much as possible in outdoor locations:

No matter what anyone says, it is too important to remain fit as you approach your forties. Most of the times, I hear people of my age talking about how they do not get any time to exercise due to the pressure of their work. Well, in my opinion, these are the excuses that people make to avoid exercising.

I am a big believer in the phrase “when there is a will, there is a way”. So, I consider if you really have the zeal to get fit, then you will be able to set your daily routine in such a way that allows you to do workouts or go for a run. And at this age, it is too important to exercise. The risks of heart diseases and other serious problems like diabetes increases greatly as you hit your forties. The only way you can stay healthy is to exercise and run daily. Thus, I have started to exercise and run daily.

But why do I do it in outdoor locations? Well, it serves as a fodder for my mind. Running in a park or amidst the greenery helps to freshen up my mind. Most importantly, the fresh air helps to cheer up my mind and fills me up with energy every time.

2. I’ve stopped overworking and started to enjoy the present:

In my younger days, when I had just started my company, I used to overwork on a daily basis. I had the tendency to get everything done on the same day so that I could look for new projects and clients on the next day. Now that I think back, it really makes me ridiculed.

I can now understand what was really going in the mind of my younger self. Honestly, I was afraid of the present. I did not want to fail. Thus, I overworked to make my future secure while neglecting the present. But do I regret those days? No, I do not. It actually helped to make me who I am today. However, I do not overwork any longer.

Future is a probability and it depends on how we live in our present. Thus, I have decided to invest my time on enjoying the present rather than losing the precious time overworking.

3. Read a book a week:

Books are a person’s best friend. It is something that every one of us learns in our childhood. But do we really understand the meaning of it? In most cases, we do not. Reading a book helps to sharpen our minds and it provides sometimes to our brains to think.

Thus, it increases our knowledge and helps us to make better-informed decisions. Above all, it helps to keep your mind fresh and focused. Hence, I have decided to read and finish one book every week since it is the only way to keep myself updated.

4. Surround myself with positive, generous, action-oriented people, groups, and organizations:

One of the most important things that every one of us must have in our lives is positivity. It is very important to have a positive outlook towards life. When you have a positive outlook on life, it helps you to find hope and happiness even during the dire situations in life.

Negativity makes you weak and vulnerable thus this is something that must be avoided at all cost. In my opinion, the best thing that I can do to keep a positive attitude is to surround myself with positive, generous, action-oriented people, groups, and organizations.

5. Work Hard- Party Harder:

I always believe in hard work. I know very well that if I work hard, then I will be rewarded with exciting results. However, it does not mean that I will strip myself of all the fun since I always look forward to having most fun-filled parties.

If you are working hard, then you need to make sure that you party even harder. Why is it so? Well, in that way, you will be able to replenish your energy and keep up your hard work.

6. Don’t waste time being offended:

It is very normal to be offended by someone’s behaviour or attitude. But whenever I face such situations, I always ask myself one thing; is it worth being offended? Well, it is not. If you remain offended by someone, it prevents you from progressing in life and prevents you from making any improvements.

And this is something that I have learned in all my years of life. So, I have decided to never waste time on being offended on my 39th birthday since I can use that time to do something productive.

7. Be consistent and Be persistent:

I have understood one thing in my life that consistency and persistence are the most important things. Whatever you do, you need to be consistent about it otherwise you will never be able to achieve anything in life. Persistence is also important. If you are not persistent, then you will never be able to shake off your failures and work hard to achieve success. So, I have started to remain consistent as well as persistent on my 39th birthday.

8. Stop buying objects to seek happiness instead spend money on experience:

At the age of 39, I have finally started to realise that the materialistic happiness is temporary. The happiness that we get from buying a fancy object does not stay for a long time.

It gives you a momentary pleasure which ultimately fades away. However, when you spend your money on vacations or to have equally memorable experiences with your dear ones, it provides you with valuable memories which stay with you till your last breath. So, I am rooting for creating memorable experiences rather than buying things. Well, what are you going to do?

9. Write a book a year:

I have become 39 years old! Though it may sound a little sad, I cannot deny the fact that I have gained enriching experiences and knowledge in all these years of life. But what is the point of being experienced or knowledgeable if I cannot use it to help others?

Then again, how can I help others when I am just a man? Well, I have just realized the answer. I can share my story, my experiences and knowledge with others through books. I can share everything that I need to say to the young people and guide them down the right way by writing books. Hence, I have decided to write one book every year and share with others what life has taught me so far.


Growing up is a wonderful experience. It makes you experienced and helps you to see things more clearly than before. Like I have said before, I want to live my life without any regrets and that is why I have decided to follow the aforementioned things as I turned 39. Share with me what you have decided to do on this birthday and let us pledge towards making our lives and lives of the people surrounding us beautiful.