Are You On Twitter Yet?

There can only be three possibilities, or maybe four:

1. You never heard of Twitter.
2. You heard about it and you even have an account, but you thought it was just to tweet about your fussy, moody cat.
3. You are active on it, use it diligently for spreading valuable information and relentless try to grow your follower list because it helps you make money, gain reputation, build your brand or all of it.
4. You don’t care about Twitter.

Except for point 4 — I can address all the other points.

Twitter is, in a word, god sent. It forces you to punch in a lot of information into 140 characters and makes you more open to other people. It allows you to connect and share information with others. You get to network on steroids and needless to say, you learn a lot each day, one tweet at a time.

If you are already using it, chances are that you spend a lot of time on non-productive actions that you still have to do on twitter. Also, to succeed on twitter, you will have to tweet continuously and at regular intervals. But could you do that with your business crying for attention and when sales don’t happen? How could you manage to tweet when there are more pressing issues you have to address?

The solution? Automation. Don’t spend time doing repetitive and mundane things that are of no value to you. Also, you should be able to schedule your tweets throughout the day even though you actually sit down to write your posts perhaps only once through the day.

You could do all that and much more using my tools like HootSuite which effectively automates most of the important — but still time consuming and mundane– tasks.

Get on Twitter. While you are at it, follow me on Twitter