Arrange time for what matters immediately, do not stall it

Life is not certain. It is full of ups and downs. The only thing that is even more uncertain than life is the death itself. Nobody has the power to defy it. It comes on it own whim and frees our soul from the bindings of the mortal corpse.

The emotions, the bonds, the dreams and everything that we hold dear to ourselves vanishes in a realm of obscenity with a touch of death. And the worst part of it is that we do not know when we will meet our end.

But why am I saying all these? The reason is simpler than you can think of. I want you to understand the value of time. Most of us have the tendency to neglect our wishes and keep it for some other day.

But can you be sure of the fact that you will get the chance to do the thing that you are ignoring now? Are you sure that your hopes will be fulfilled someday? Honestly, no one can guarantee you such a thing. Nobody knows how fate will pull its strings and when you will meet your end.

Does that mean you need to live in fear? Does it imply that you need to be afraid of the future? Of course, not! What I am asking you to do is to live your present at fullest. You need to do make time for everything that you need to do. Do not leave it for some other day or an indefinite future.

Just make up your mind, create time and do whatever you need. Whether you desire to spend time with someone you love or you want to do something, do it now!

But how will you be able to do it? How will you create time out of your busy schedule? Well, here are a few tricks to do it:

1. Understand what is most important to you:

This is the very first thing that you need to do. You must identify the things that matter to you most. You need to understand the things that you will regret greatly if you do not get the chance to do them. Once you have identified them, take time out of your schedule and complete them.

2. Make time for things that matter:

One of the most troublesome things to do is to make time out of your busy schedule for the things that you love. Actually, it is not as troublesome as you think.

You can create time to follow your passion or dreams just by following a simple trick. All you need to do is mark a date on your calendar or create a deadline for doing what you want to do. And you will be able to manage everything accordingly.

3. Create a bucket list:

The bucket list or a to-do list is a very significant thing. It allows you to be aware of everything that you want to do and take the steps accordingly to fulfill them. So, it is important that you list everything that your heart desires to do. And the universe will show you the way to fulfill your desires.

In the past, I have regretted for not listening to what my heart wants. But once I swore to make a change and to live a life without any regrets, I have never left anything for “some other day”.

I am living my life as my heart desires without compromising with anything. And I ask you to do the same as that is a way to achieve true happiness in life.