Is Bitcoin still a favourable investment option?

Bitcoin has gone through several up and downs since its inception in 2008. Whether it is the repeated attempts by centralised authorities and key people to spread rumours regarding it, ICO bans by several governments or the recent downfall in its price, Bitcoin has witnessed all. However, the recent downfall in the price of the Bitcoin has several people wondering about the favourability of Bitcoin as an investment option.

So, is Bitcoin still a favourable investment option? Well, here are few things you must understand to figure out the answer yourself.

• Volatility exists in every investment option:

Yes, volatility in the market is something that exists in every investment option. Whether it is the share market or Bitcoin, volatility up to some extent will be there since transaction of money is involved. So, rise and fall in the prices are very common and there is nothing to be alarmed about it. Though the price of Bitcoin had momentarily decreased, it has been recuperating ever since. So, there is absolutely nothing to be worried about.

• Offers you complete control over your money:

One of the few things that made Bitcoin successful in the first place, Bitcoin offers you complete control over your money. Bitcoin uses the blockchain technology to register the transactions that are performed in its system. Thus, it is completely decentralised and secure. Further, it uses mathematical equations to verify its transactions.

Thus, you do not need to wait for the permission of any centralised authority to complete your transaction. Furthermore, the blockchain ledger is protected by highest level encryption. As a result, it is completely impossible for anyone to tamper with it. So, you can be assured of the privacy of your investment and security of your money completely when investing in Bitcoin.

• Has the highest market capitalisation:

The stability of any cryptocurrency is measured in terms of its market capitalisation. Being one of the largest currencies in the world, Bitcoin has the highest market capitalisation with respect to any cryptocurrency available. So, you can be assured completely about the market stability.

The volatility and fluctuations are lowest in Bitcoin. Furthermore, due to its high market capitalisation, it is not subjected to any market manipulation. As a result, you will not have to worry about losing your money on the investment.

• Comes with a great infrastructure:

One of the largest currencies in the world right now, it boasts a great infrastructure. Though there are few Altcoin that offers a better infrastructure than Bitcoin, Bitcoin offers a robust infrastructure. Whether it is the assurance of utmost security or a proper hashing algorithm, Bitcoin makes sure that all the users are satisfied with its services.

Thus, if you are looking for a reliable infrastructure then Bitcoin is obviously an intelligent choice.Well, folks, I think you have already found the answer to the question at hand. In my opinion, it is very immature to exclude Bitcoin from the list of favourable investment options.

As stated earlier, rise and fall in prices are very common in every investment platform. Now, the rest depends on your judgment. Make your decision wisely and keep prospering.