How to Boost Productivity With a Single Word: NO

The more productive you are, the more money you end up making. Plus, you’d have a great day with most of your to-do list items checked off.

The rush for being more productivity is universal for almost every entrepreneur worth her salt. Yet, very few people manage to achieve it.

Why, you ask? Because there are distractions. There are situations you can’t control. Your time sink is practically everywhere.

Yet, there are ways to boost your productivity. There are many ways, but here’s the easiest one (although it’s easier said than done).

Say NO. Here are some common situations you’d face and how saying “no” helps:


Mobile phone notifications, desktop notifications, inbound phone calls, requests for outbound phone calls, office colleagues dropping in for a quick chat, trainees wanting to ask questions — all of these are common for every entrepreneur, every single day.

Say no to all of this. Switch off notifications for as long as you work. Request colleagues and even clients not to interrupt you when you are working (mark these time blocks as “busy” on your calendar), and don’t ever call anyone or check emails while at work.

External situations

A few things like power cuts or other such time sinks don’t come announced. That’s why you got to be prepared. Invest in a dongle or find alternatives to help you to continue working even if there’s a situation you don’t think you can do anything about. Google Docs, for instance, has an “offline” mode and so does Evernote.

Your slacking tendency

Sometimes, the biggest reason for lack of productivity is “you”. There are days when you don’t feel like doing anything at all. If it’s too much for you to handle, do take a break. But if it’s something you can put off for another day, pull yourself back into the productivity mode. You can read Getting Things Done by David Allen but it won’t matter if you don’t do anything about it.

How productive are you?