Bootstrapping? Guts Is All You Have

There’s just too much noise around venture capitalist funding. The rush of using others’ money does sound good. The only trouble with it is that it won’t be your dream business that you’d be building.

“Bootstrapping” is trying to start a company or run a start-up without any money saved up or taking a loan or with help from a lending institution.

If you went about asking entrepreneurs who have had a taste of “bootstrapping” you would know that it would have been an exhilarating experience for them. The kind of learning they would have had experienced would enable them to cut out a lot of time on an expected learning curve.

An entrepreneur who bootstraps actually goes about setting up a business by defying all conventional rules of a start-up. A total disregard to what people think, an absolute faith in a single idea, a mono-maniacal pursuit of a dream is all that they would start out on.

Almost crazy guts to go about whatever they wanted to do, never giving up along the way no matter what happened, persevering through a host of problems and situations which most people would have given up on,a sinful determination and an obsessive attention to detail all all traits these entrepreneurs have and will continue to develop an attitude of learning, forever.

If you had always thought business need a lot of money to start-up and if this had been your excuse for a long time now, you ought to be looking at a few bootstrapping entrepreneurs for inspiration. There is nothing more invigorating than starting one’s business without much capital and still building a success story out of it.

So are you out hunting for cash or are you busy growing your business with your own money?