A Boss or a Friend, what should an Entrepreneur Choose?

You might be new to the world of business and so, you will find it hard to choose the role you need to play for your employees. The question that often arise in the mind of the new entrepreneurs are should I be a boss or a friend to my fellow colleagues? Will it justify my role in the organization? Well, we will always ask you to be a “friend ” to your inferiors. Here are the reasons:


  1. You can easily get connected to your employees:

The employees probably feel more comfortable to find a friend in boss. So how can it create a strong connection between the business head and an employee? If you are a friend then the employees will feel free to discuss all the problems related to work as they will know that you are there to hold the back. They will develop a blind trust on you.

  1. Works efficiently:

A good behaviour directly impacts on the work the employees produce. Will the staffs produce better work? Yes, your motivational and friendly attitude will inspire them to bring the best out of them as they bear respect for you. They will automatically feel the need of getting everything done perfectly as they are doing it for their friend and not for the company’s head.

  1. Discussions can solve the matter:

It often so happens that the employee struggles to get the perfect solution to a work. Will the worker seek your help? If you are good to your employee he will feel free to discuss the issues with you. The tormenting bosses threaten the workers and so they feel uncomfortable to sort out the matter. But if you are nice in handling the workers, they will come to you for all the problems and thus, end-up giving the best.

  1. Good attendance:

Is it possible to acquire a good attendance without forcing the employees? Work will be a fun place for employees and soon you will witness a growth in the attendance as they enjoy working for you. Being a friend to staffs boost up their interest and they attend the office for betterment of your organization.

Employees have been your support ever since you started the business. It is important to be a friend to extract the best from them. Will you now be a calm friend to your employees?