How & Why Business Automation Is Awesome

Business is hard as it is and you don’t want to make it any harder. Thanks to technology today, running a business is as hard or as easy as you want it to be. Say hello to apps, SaaS tools, applications, and pretty much everything is available to make it slightly easier if you’d like (and who doesn’t like that?).

Automating your personal and business tasks is an incredibly awesome thing to happen and here are a few tools you can use to make that a reality:


Think of Zapier as your own developer on board. Zapier is a platform that helps marry one app with another. For instance, you can drive Facebook ad campaigns and connect Facebook to your email marketing system. Or maybe have every Twitter tweet collected into a Google Spreadsheet. Or automate blogger outreach. Zapier now also has Multi-zaps that can help you do multiple tasks, all at once.


If this, then that is a popular application that works much like Zapier which helps you to automate tasks based on rules. You could setup simple rules such as to send out a personalized reply to every person who follows you on Twitter. Or maybe have a message sent to every new connection on LinkedIn.


So, you publish a post. Then you reach out to your social networks and promote your post. Then, after a few days, you do it again. And again. It can all be a pain. Plus, doing all this manually doesn’t even give you to gift of scaling up. In comes Dlvr.It and it does all the heavy lifting for you – It automatically updates your social networks, and repeats the posts if you like. Also, there’s an option of paid outreach for your blog posts.

Native Integrations

If you are using tools and systems for your business – marketing automation tools, CRM, ecommerce backend systems, and more – chances are these tools integrate with other tools too. Most integrations are just a matter of a few clicks and you should certainly use it to leverage your business process workflows.

What are your favorite tools?