Can IOTA become the next thing in the cryptocurrency market?

There have been a lot of speculations over the years regarding the cryptocurrencies that will become the “next Big thing” in the cryptocurrency market. It is better to say that those speculations did not turn out quite right. However, that has not demotivated the cryptocurrency enthusiasts from speculating.

With the recent turn of events in this ever competitive market, a new speculation has originated regarding IOTA, one of the best futuristic Altcoins ever created. Yes, experts and investors are calling it the next “Big Thing” as it has all the potential to rule the cryptocurrency market in the next few years.

But why people are placing their bets on this Altcoins? What difference does it offer? Well, there are a lot of questions that might have engulfed your mind. Let us find the answers to them.

What is IOTA?

Though the name can remind you of a certain Greek letter, IOTA is something really amazing. Created in 2014, IOTA offers the best futuristic features that no other coin in the market offers.

It uses a distributed ledger which allows you to perform nano-transactions and it is completely decentralised as well as possesses quantum resistance. However, the best thing about IOTA is perhaps the fact that it does not charge any transaction fee. Thus, you will be able to transact your money anywhere in the world without having to worry about the high transaction charges. Furthermore, it offers unlimited scalability the lack of which has been one of the major problems for traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Can it really become the next big thing?

Let us now come to the main question! Honestly, it really has all the qualities necessary to establish itself as the best cryptocurrency. Whether it is the futuristic infrastructure or the array of exciting functionalities it offers, IOTA has the ability to outsmart and outperform everyone else.

Actually, IOTA uses an advanced form of Data Acrylic Graph or DAG technology called ‘Tangle’. This technology is far superior to the Blockchain technology that most of the coins in the market use. It does not only offer a high transaction speed but it also offers better security, decentralisation, quantum resistance and zero-transaction fees.

Plus, it has been developed ingeniously to fit in our daily lives. Most of the cryptocurrencies do not allow you to perform nano-transactions. Thus, it is impossible to use them in our daily lives. The creators of IOTA were able to get rid of this major design flaw by providing this Altcoin with the ability to perform nano-transactions.

Above all, this cryptocurrency has maintained a steady growth ever since its creation in 2014. It offers utmost stability to its users. Thus, you do not need to worry much about the volatility in the market.

IOTA offers several features that have remained just an idea for other cryptocurrencies. Though I think it is still too early to start speculating whether it can dethrone Bitcoin, IOTA shows brightest prospects than any other Altcoin to become the next “big thing” in the market.