Confronting the worst time of your life? Deal with it positively

The power of optimistic thinking is beyond imagination but it is also wise to consider the worst case scenario sometimes. Thinking optimistically always does not give you the idea on how to get out of troublesome situations. This can only be achieved if you consider the worst case scenario.

A few years back, my company was not making much profit due to poor market conditions. I was truly afraid of the situation. I would always think of what to do if my company faces a major loss. I could not sleep at night and everything seemed to work against me. I was afraid of how I would pay my employees and run the company.

One day while talking to my mentor, I asked him what to do about these growing fears. He smiled and said, “Why don’t you consider the worst case scenario?”

The idea seemed intriguing. So, I went home that day and listed all the fears I had. If my company faced losses then I would have to pay my employees, lay them off some employees, close the company and start afresh. So, I wrote down all my fears on a piece of paper.

Suddenly, all my fears went away and I could think clearly. I asked myself about my worst fear. And it was the idea of shutting down the company. I sat down and thought to myself

But it does not mean the end of my career as an entrepreneur. I can still apply for bank loans and start freshly. Will I lose anything else if my company shuts down? No! I will still breathe and live. My friends and family will still love me in the same way. I might end up selling the expensive car that I drive to pay all the dues. But what else? What more will I lose?

Once the things were clear to me, I was free of my fears. I could think straightly and chalk out what I need to do if the worst thing happens. This is the power of thinking about the worst case scenario.

The path of entrepreneurship is full of hurdles. Here, you need to gamble your luck and take several well-calculated risks. Thus, when you come face to face with your worst nightmares, it helps you to see and think everything clearly.

If you cannot think about the worst case and make necessary amendments, you will never be able to overcome your fears. Thus, you will never be able to achieve success in your careers. Only the Entrepreneurs who succeed in overcoming their fears get phenomenal success in their career.

Entrepreneurs are leaders too. Thus, as a leader, you must have a clear vision of everything so that you can guide your employees as well as the enterprise to go in the right direction.

When you consider the worst case scenario, it allows you to think freely and lead your company to success. And take all the risks necessary. But if you do not let your fears go, you will never be able to move forward and be successful as an entrepreneur.