Conquer the World Tomorrow By Starting Early

It is the dawn that goes onto mark the start of a new day. Although a minute past midnight is considered as a new date on the calendar, the first rays of the sun are what actually make it a new day.

Now if you can start waking up alongside the rising sun, my personal experience points to numerous benefits which will make your life all the more amazing.

“The early morning has gold in its mouth”, as told by Benjamin Franklin and my journey has made it very clear over the years. What started as a challenge, waking up early has turned into a habit as I was overwhelmed with the associated benefits.

I have looked upon the lifestyle of famous personalities, my friends and even my successful seniors and one thing I have found in common, all of them wake up early.

My notion of not being a morning person posed as a serious challenge for failing to wake up early and the turn of events of the entire day always took the best of me.

Things like staying up late, feeling too comfortable on a winter or rainy night or even clicking on the snooze button are enough to fail you and I have been a successful failure for long.

Further, a lot of dodging and tackling has helped me in getting into the habit I have been longing for and to my surprise, the instantaneous alteration in my lifestyle has surprised me to the core.

Talking about long-term benefits, there are innumerable but it was quite surprising how things started getting better within a day or two for me.

A deeper dive into the topic will help you witness a clearer picture of how you can transform yourself with just leaving the bed early. Everyone knows the importance of positive energy and believe me or not when you start your day early, positive energy will always be on your side.

An early start to the day gives you more time for planning, more relaxation time or you can even involve in a couple of fitness routines as an added advantage.

When you wake before your usual time, a rush of positivity fills your mind, you are more at peace and you can approach every task with the right mindset.

Previously, I was more into getting out of the bed late and rush to work soon, though I managed to get there on time, I failed miserably in doing the chores with the right tenacity.

Waking up early is directly proportional to your rate of productivity. You might wonder how? I will tell you how.

Every individual is competing in this world, so when you start the day ahead of your competitors, you get more time for the work you are supposed to do.

While the rest are sleeping, your mind is ready to function in full throttle, you have already got accustomed to the new day and you are overflowing with positive vibes.

These stats affect your efficiency and productivity in an amazing way. Going back to my life experience, I have actually understood the difference how a late start and an early start helped in getting better in my field of expertise.

So these were the primary psychological benefits, but what about your health and how does your body react to waking up early?

It might sound gibberish but it has health benefits too. As you see the sun early, it means you get more time for yourself, thereby making more time to take care of yourself.

By taking care I don’t mean dressing better or smelling better, you can actually make yourself healthier. It helps you in getting into a healthier breakfast habit and even solves certain issues with digestion as well.

When breakfast is eaten at the right time, of the right proportion, and in the right way, you are actually doing your organs a favour. I have seen the transformation in myself.

Compared to what I was eating six years back, since the time I am involved in the early morning cycle, my eating habits and health has improved by great amounts.

Waking up early also means better planning of the day ahead of you. When you start off early, you can actually have a better look at the agenda of the day and even find out some time to sit and relax.

It is not surprising to believe that things work out better when planned in the right way and when you are clear of the goals for the day ahead, things will certainly be much more achievable. Let me tell you how it has helped me.

At the early stages of my life, my morning would start late around 8 a.m. and all I would do after waking up is getting ready, have a quick bite and rush to work.

Though at that point of time everything looked smooth but now I realize that I was actually feeling the agitation, the peace of mind was missing, and I was missing out on multiple important things that were there on my to-do list.

It might sound like a piece of a fairytale, but things at work actually improved significantly since the time I started my day at 5.30–6am. I have more time in my hand to properly evaluate the things I have to do and as surprising as it may sound, most of the times I nailed it without any hassle whatsoever.

Ever since my life’s graph has been growing in a linear fashion without much hiccups in between.

My willpower is at a different level altogether, the negative energy is gone for good and things are under my grasp, just the way I want them to be.

Our will-power hits the highest peak in the morning and when this mental strength is combined with the time-frame you have at your disposal, you can be certain that you are getting better at everything.

In addition to all of these, did you know you can enhance your work journeys as well? Yes, sir, you can.

When you wake up early, you tend to head out for work early, thereby avoiding the peak office hour rush. Dealing with this problem like a pro, you will not be subjected to issues of traffic jams, crowded commutes, or the unwanted honks of the vehicles.

You will not waste time sitting hopelessly in your car and imagining how these wasted minutes could have helped you in your life.

There are actually many other benefits related to this practice and once you start doing it, you will not need to discuss any other article to know how it will be enhancing and transforming your life for the good.

At first, things might look a bit challenging, but trust me it’s fairly easy once you are as determined as I were and by that, I don’t mean too much, all I wanted was a better life for myself and my family. Look into the needs of people around you, willpower and determination will come from within.

Let’s standout in your field of expertise and bag the hard-earned success without questioning yourself just by waking up early from tomorrow.