The Difference between Being Busy and Being Productive

There is a subtle difference between ‘being busy’ and ‘being productive’. ‘Being busy’ is just an excuse that we make to get rid of all the tasks that scare or challenge us. But to really be successful in your life you will have to be productive, not busy. It is said that busyness is the biggest hurdle in the way of productive ideas thus you need to be more productive.

Have you ever taken your time to think how much productive you actually are? This simple question startles many entrepreneurs and professionals thus they again hide behind the excuse of ‘being busy’. You will hear most of the people saying that they are very busy in their lives and they manage to do everything within this utter busyness by managing their time efficiently. How do you manage your time efficiently? Ask them this question and they will have no clue about the answer.

Do you really want to start being productive without making silly excuses? Then ask yourself the following questions to become productive rather becoming just busy:

Do you say ‘yes’ to everything?

Do you say ‘yes’ to everything? Ask yourself this question to understand what you have been doing wrong all along. Saying yes to everything will make you just busy but not productive. There are few things that can limit your productivity hence jeopardising your progression towards the success. Thus make your choices correctly so that you do not regret anything in the future.

Do you understand your priorities?

It is the trait of busy people to focus on everything in front of them but wise and productive human beings focus on anything basing their judgment on their priorities. Have you ever thought in which group you fall? If you have not, then start doing it right now and start making your choices based on your priorities.

Try being reasonable and choose the correct path which will increase your productivity. Productive people do not tackle everything aimlessly; they plan their every move and work according to that. Why solve a problem in 200 steps when you could have done it in just 2? Where is the productivity in that? You should always think like this while engaging yourself in any work so that you can get the fruitful return of your hard work in good time.