Do This Very Early in Life to Reap Benefits Later: Part 2

In a previous post, I wrote about a few things you’d need to do get ahead. The key to do any of those and the ones in this post is to do things early, and consistently.

As such, here are a few more things you got to do:

It’s not a course or a one-time lesson, and there are no deadlines

The first thing to remember about building a strong character is that it isn’t a one-off thing. It isn’t going to happen overnight and no one can teach you this but yourself.

It’s a gradual, life-time process and you got to let it be that way. Understand that everything that happens to you is a module off the course on how to get stronger, tougher, and better in life. Understanding this one aspect of character building can take you places.

Enough said.

Get on the streets

The mean, dirty streets — no matter which country you live in — are the best classrooms for you to build your character. Go out there in anyway you find yourself in an “uncomfortable” situation. I meant that word ‘uncomfortable’ and there’s a reason for it. If you were comfortable doing something, you wouldn’t be learning, would you? Sell dictionaries, flowers, car visors, or anything else you want to on the streets.

Although you don’t have to make a living out of what you sell, act as if you have to depend on it. See what comes up. Witness how mean the streets get.

If it doesn’t crush you, it’d make you stronger.

Get a mentor

Do you personally know someone who has risen from the ashes? Are you aware of friends of friends who literally dug their heels on streets and emerged as success stories? You can go find out who they are and connect with them. I don’t recommend using social media or emails for this since it takes a lot more than that to reach out to them. Seek out these people to mentor you.

They might refuse to do that since they either don’t want to take up the responsibility or they might not have the time to do that. You have to persist. Your lessons begin.

Refuse anything that’s easy

Got a job without you looking for it? Inherited billions of dollars? Do you have to run a family business not that your dad is about to retire? Say NO to all of these. Most short cuts are ways of the wussy. Real success only comes when you start from scratch. Anything that came easy is just not worth it at all. Refuse anything that’s easy, common, boring, usual, routine, mundane, or “ this is the way it’s got to be”

What are you going to pick on/