Confident is one of the keywords, one must follow in order to improve in every sectors of life. A newcomer at a private firm in order to attain success in his career must hold on to his confidence. This may seem to be extremely difficult at times. It is absolutely natural for a newbie to suffer from lack of confidence but he must work hard in making himself believe that he is correct and honest to himself. Below are a few ways to build up and secure a confident personality in oneself.

  1. Let others acknowledge your success-

The art of letting important people know about your achievements and successes in previous life is a controlled action and limited to a very small period of time and to a very selected group of people at work. The action should not reach the level of bragging and should never affect other relationships, that is, it should be restricted at work. This helps important people at work in acknowledging your abilities with previous examples.

  1. Speaking one’s mind-

Speaking one’s mind does not mean blabbering any stupidity or any relevant ideas that comes to a person. On the contrary a person should be confident enough to speak and not always be afraid of making mistakes,it is absolutely natural for a man to make mistakes at work. However may it be work or other sectors of life no one should be afraid of making them and should be confident enough to speak out one’s mind.

  1. Greet people at work-

One must always greet his colleagues at work. It’s a healthy habit of respecting everyone at the office starting from the person working in the highest post to the lowest one. This habit of carrying a smile of well being helps in making the others believe in your confidence, which in return makes the person more confident and positive.

  1. Accept helpful criticisms and reject the harmful ones-

A person who has joined the private firm or any kind of work as newbie will obviously face many kind of criticisms coming up to him, everyday. Criticisms are real confidence breakers. It breaks down a person’s confidence with a guarantee on it. However if the person is intelligent enough to accept the helpful criticisms he may use them to improve himself at work. Parallely, he must reject the harmful ones. A person if able to distinguish between a harmful and a  helpful criticism would eventually improve at his work without a sudden break of confidence.

  1. Mix with people who will boost your confidence more than judging you-

Finally, the ice-breaker is a person should mingle with people who will boost him and cheer him up. These are all processes about increasing one’s confidence and helping him to perform even better at work. The person should stay away from the group of people who will continuously try to put him down by judging every action he tries to perform.