Entrepreneur? Do the Impossible

Clay Collins, CEO of LeadPages, laid it out succinctly when asked what the most important for a business owner was:

This is how he puts it:

1. Recruiting great people. So, I spend about 25% of my time on recruiting.
2. Setting the vision and communicating the vision, both to the market and to the company.
3. Keeping money in the bank.

He couldn’t have said it better and I totally get it. The trouble with this clarified thought, however, is that it’s harder than you’d ever imagine. It’s almost as if the universe conspires against you to arrive at such a simplistic outlay for what an entrepreneur should do primarily.

Why you ask?

You’d be doing everything else (busy putting fires out) or doing actual, billable work, or everything to do with branding, and possibly taking up the task of doing marketing, finance, accounting, operations, and Human Resources – all by yourself.

Given a day like that, where is the time for you to recruit others? How would you fund the first few employees? What about the funds and the energy it takes to get clients into the door?

The key, I believe, is to jump off the cliff without support. Fly without wings. Take to the road expecting obstacles.

Stop making excuses.

Do the impossible. Can you?

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