How Entrepreneurs Are Their Biggest Problem

We often attribute our problems to do with the economy, society, employees, vendors, clients, and the government. Or the country you operate in. Or maybe even the weather.

The issue with that thinking is that there’s not much you can do about any of those. The only thing you have real control on is you.

That’s where the problem lies. You’d now have to contend with the biggest problem: you.

Here’s how entrepreneurs are huge bottlenecks for their own businesses:

Being Adamant

Entrepreneurs are adamant. Running a business is no easy task and being adamant does help. Only to an extent though. Anything beyond a reasonable degree of being adamant is the first problem you face. Being adamant doesn’t let you take on opportunities, work with people as well as you should, and make you do everything stupid to derail your own business.

Thoughts & feelings instead of systems & processes

Because we are individuals, and we think like humans, we are prone to everyday things like thoughts, feelings, moods, and more. If we did businesses depending on how we feel or think, what you get is unpredictability.

Real businesses run on systems and processes. So, as long as you depend on “you”, what you really have is a hobby.

Staying Focused

I see, meet, and interact with entrepreneurs every single day. All I see is many of my fellow business owners day dreaming this other hot idea, about the possibility of venture capitalistic funding, and the size of revenue possible in 3 years from now.

While they run this business that they are supposed to run, they are busy thinking about “What’s Next?”.

I see no focus. I see nothing that tells me that you already grew your existing business to a level where you can afford to think of another one.

Are you being the stumbling block for your own business?