Entrepreneurs’ Daily Dose of Inspiration: Best Resources

You are what you read. You become exactly what you take in. As an entrepreneur, you are completely on your own. Since you are in control of your destiny and because you have no one to boss you over, order things around, or even motivate you, all that is left for you to do is to motivate yourself. You’ll be on a life-long learning curve, messing things up as you learn, and get better each passing day.

For all that to happen, you’d need to be smart, resourceful, earnest, and motivated. Here are a few resources I read daily and inspire and/or educate myself:


The premier magazine for entrepreneurs is the one of the best in the Industry and has journaling standards par none. Inc also publishes the INC 500 list where each of the companies listed is a great source of inspiration itself. The magazine is available in physical and digital formats, along with an app for all devices.

Inc Live has videos which you give access to the insides of the minds of the some of the greatest entrepreneurs ever.

Daymond John Launch Academy

Ever wanted to see how the mind of a billionaire entrepreneur and investor hums like? Head out to the Daymond John Launch Academy Blog and you’ll see Daymond and his team write out exactly what Daymond John — Founder of FUBU, a Shark Tank Celebrity, and Investor — thinks, feels, and works like.

While we are still talking about Daymond, be sure to pick up his book The Power of Broke.

Ontraport Blog

While Ontraport is a smart business tool, publishing platform, CRM, and marketing automation platform built into one, their blog and their collection of resources are a distillation of years of experience with many other entrepreneurs who use the Ontraport system. Dig all the secrets of marketing, automation, and smart business management.

What are your favourite resources?