Everything you can do to simplify your life

As our life progresses, it only becomes complicated with the passage of time. Be it the complexities in your business or the personal life, the problems increase. The increasing complexity strips you off happiness and it also becomes very hard to achieve success.

But how does the complexity increase? Well, it is the accumulation of various things over time which increases the complexity of our lives and makes it too troublesome to simplify it. Let me explain the concept to you in simple economic terms.

In economics, there is a term called Carrying cost. Carrying cost is basically the total cost that you need to bear upon holding inventory, equipment, depreciation and staff. The carrying cost only increases with time if you do not get rid of the extra inventory.

As the time passes, the cost increases manifolds and leave you in huge product debts. Hence, you can obviously understand that it is always wise to get rid of the excess inventory that increases.

Well, it happens in our personal lives too. Whether it is a product or a relationship, anything that requires regular investment of time, money as well as concentration without creating any positive impact in your life is basically similar to excess inventory.

However, in business, you can control the inventory, product debt and create a proper time management system. It will reduce the carrying cost and simplify your business. But how will simplify your own life? What will you do to get rid of the things that you do not need?

Well, before I go on to explain you the trick that you can use to remove unnecessary things from your life; let me tell you about the things that you can eliminate from your life to simplify it. So, let us have a look:

1. People:

We, human beings are social creatures. We love to live in the vicinity of others. We create bonds and form relationships with others around us through interacting. So, there is no room for doubting the fact that we cannot live properly without having people in our lives.

But that does not imply that you need to continue every relationship. There are a few people that you can easily eliminate in order to make your life simple and happy.

You may have already experienced that there are few relationships, few people that require you investing huge amounts of time, money and focus.

However, these people are not that close to you and do not add anything valuable to your life. All they do is to make everything more complicated for you. Well, if that’s the case, it is always wise to get rid of them.

You can stop replying to their text or you can stop meeting them too. In other words, you avoid them and slowly distance yourself from them. From my personal experience, I can assure you that it will help in simplifying your life.

In all my years, I have seen and met a lot of people. Still, I have been able to keep my life simple by tactfully distancing myself from all those who increase the complexity of my life.

2. Credit Card Debt:

The credit card comes in very handy to buy things when you do not have the necessary money to buy it. But what if I tell you that credit cards are one of the main reasons that your life is becoming complex with every passing day? Even though you do not realise it, it is completely true.

Credit card encourages you to buy products without thinking about it much. When you have a credit card and the capability to pay the credit card debts, you do not think about the significance of the products that you are purchasing.

As a result, you end up creating piles of things that you actually do not need. But you still continue paying the credit card debt. Well, this is why it is better to get rid of your credit card.

Go to your bank and cancel every single credit card that you possess. It will prevent you from purchasing unnecessary products and spending unnecessary money. As a result, it will ultimately help to make your life quite simpler and easier.

3. Excess of good things:

In my opinion, the best trick to live a simple life is to have an ordinary lifestyle. If you continue to be extraordinary then you can never expect your life to be simple. Suppose, you are dining in most posh restaurants every single night or taking expensive vacations frequently.

Well, if that is the case then you cannot expect your life to be simple. Your pursuit of happiness by engaging yourself in enjoying only good things will become the cause of your problems. Well, as the saying goes “too much of good things is never good”; it seems to be completely true.

How to eliminate things to simplify your life?

Well, now, let me tell you about the ways in which you can eliminate the things that you do not need in your life thereby simplifying it.

1. Pareto Principle:

Well, the Pareto principle is a simple trick that I use to differentiate the things that are really important in my life from the things that are expandable.

So, how will you apply it in your life? Well, it is really quite simple and I have used this technique several times in my personal life as well as while making business decisions.

So, what do you need to do is to list the things that you need in life. After repeating this simple exercise a few times, you will end up with a list of everything and everyone that are most important to you. Everything that is not included in your lists is not important. So, you can easily get rid of them.

2. Question yourself:

It is better to think of this step as a continuation of the previous one. It will help you to reconfirm your decision to eliminate the things that are not necessary for your life.

Go through the list prepared once again and think whether you have missed any product. Furthermore, you also need to ask yourself whether the things that you have added to the list are really necessary.

Once you completely confirm your decision properly after questioning yourself, you will be truly able to eliminate things to make your life simple.

Simplicity in life can be achieved by subtracting unnecessary things. Surrounding ourselves with the things that we do not need only makes you less-productive and creates a suffocating ambience around you. So, eliminate the things that you do not need and achieve happiness by making your life simple