Hit the bottom and rise again

In my career as an entrepreneur, I have seen people change once they achieve great success. I have seen people thinking themselves better than they actually are. They become arrogant and ultimately it leads them to their failure.

One day I was with one of my friends who happen to be one of the expert marketers. He explained to me everything. My friend explained to me the problems with the new entrepreneurs and how it can be solved.

He explained to me in detail the concept of cycling. When you achieve success in the very first time, everything in your business is not set as they need to be. However, the sudden and unexpected success turns your head completely.

You consider yourself invulnerable completely; you feel like at the top of the world. Arrogance engulfs your entire mind and it results in your failure.

For every entrepreneur, it is very important to be humble. Humility is important because it encourages you to learn to value others around you and you get a clear picture of things that are truly vital in your life as well as business.

It is always important to understand that arrogance never does anything good to you. It causes you to distress and strays away from the path that you need to follow. Thus, arrogance is something that leads you to your doom.

Until you have fallen from the peak and hit the bottom, you do not learn to be humble and you do not come to realise the good that humility can bring. If you are little too much arrogant then you will hit the bottom twice to completely learn to be humble. This concept is called Cycling and it is not the thing that you can call fun.

In my career, I had to experience cycling twice. The reason is understandable completely. I was young and completely arrogant. I used to think that there is no one better than me and what I am doing is the right thing.

Though I am truly ashamed of what I used to do, at that time it felt like it was what I thought to be right. And then it happened and I experienced failure for the first time.

It is true that I had become somewhat humble after experiencing cycling once but it was not until the second time that I truly learned the importance of being humble.

Now, I take care of others around me. I listen to people around me. I listen to their suggestions and understand what they want to say. Being humble does not mean that you are showing yourself weak. It means that you are open to suggestions and you are always looking forward to ideas from people in order to understand what you need to do.

Cycling is a journey of self-realization. It helps you to understand the most important things in life. So, if you are arrogant then be prepared to go through cycling twice in order to achieve the greater good.