How Entrepreneurship is The Root Of Capitalism

Entrepreneurs aren’t machines; they are human.

Humans make capitalism work.

Life’s rush makes us forget that we have entrepreneurs in our midst who do what they can to try and sustain themselves while running their businesses. When entrepreneurs run businesses the right way, this act of entrepreneurship tends to provide sustenance to many others.

Businesses make money, and everyone else lives off it — employees, vendors, the Government, and even other businesses. In essence, it’s the root of all capitalism.

The spirit of entrepreneurship didn’t just start with the industrial revolution; it started when humanity rolled over onto earth. If it wasn’t cash that was exchanged, it was goods (barter system).

Sales, persuasion, negotiation, leverage, and working in teams are all ancient. Given that it’s so ancient, well-practiced, and so very human, we still have trouble grasping how entrepreneurship works. We still struggle to manage resources, cash, products, and people. We struggle to build processes and work with teams.

Yet, the struggle itself is a part of the spirit. This is what makes for a successful business.