Humility or Ambition: Which One to Follow in your Life?

Humility and ambition both are notable qualities but you cannot pursue one of them fully when you are also having the other. Thus, what you need to do is to make a choice; you need to choose either one of humility or ambition basing on the goals of your life.

If you are looking for a high-level executive job then you should pursue ambition otherwise, you may find the humility to be best suited for your philanthropic goals. You may even find yourself fluctuating between these two qualities when they are not mutually exclusive.

Thus, you need to choose one of them. What do you need to choose? The choice has to be yours and no one can tell you what to choose. So how can we figure out that which one will be perfect for certain situations? We have presented here few situations to which you can relate and choose the one that better suits your life goals:

There are more doors open for you than you realise:

You miss several opportunities just because you do not think them to be viable. How can you unlock them? The answer is ambition. Sometimes it does not take more than an ambitious ‘ask’ to get promoted or to get a pay raise or to ask the girl you like out on a date.

Although these ‘asks’ need to be very tactful and their success depend on how good your relation is with that other person whom you are asking but it works just fine most of the times. All you need is an ambition to build up your courage to cease the opportunities you have in front of yourself.

You can take a humble approach by waiting for those opportunities to come knocking at your door but there is a high chance that even after waiting for an eternity that chance will never come to you. So be ambitious and take the action by asking for what you want. What can possibly go wrong other than getting ‘no’ for an answer?

The quality that augments multifarious qualities:

You can be ambitious enough to acquire myriad qualities and to foster a plethora of other qualities that will help you to become successful in the journey of your life. Which quality do you need most? Perseverance is the best quality that you can combine with the ambition to be truly successful in your life.

Ambition does not provide you with the guarantee of success. But if you have the perseverance then you withstand any severe condition that life brings you to your way to continue your journey to the success.

Perseverance gives you the power of resilience and grit which makes you strong enough to overcome anything to become successful. Humility can also be a good trait in your journey to achieve success. Humility will help you to build a good and harmonious relationship with others and also helps you to develop altruism. Thus, humility is also a powerful trait that you can have to achieve success.

But the best thing that you can do is to walk the path of the great leaders of having both ambition and humility in spades. But that is a very hard thing to do. No matter what quality you are pursuing; be always focused on your goal and if that quality is not working out for you then you are free to change it.

So what quality you are going to follow? Humility or Ambition? Be wise to choose as your life depends on these decisions.