Importance of Systems In Business

There are two ways to run your business:

  • Run your business in a systematic, smooth, and seamless way. Much like a well-oiled machine.
  • Run your business like it’s the middle name of chaos.

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to do anything with the latter. You’d pretty much want things to happen effortlessly (almost).

The secret to that is no secret at all: it’s just about building efficient systems. Across business functions, you’d have to find ways to connect one function with the other.

Sales, marketing, lead generation, branding, PR, human resources, vendor management, accounting, and Finance — together they make your business work.

For that to work, you’d need systems. You’d need to build processes. You’d have to document everything and make sure that there’s a set process for every single thing that happens within your business.

The systems have to be so efficient that even a kid can come in take over a piece of work or a task that your full-time employee did.

Read Sam Carpenter’s Work the System and your life ( and how you run your business) changes after. You can thank me later.

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