“Your faith can move mountains; your doubt can create them”

Have you ever felt like you are simply losing the game of life? Feeling that may be things are not working out the way you want to? You feel like giving up? Don’t! I heard many a great people tell their success stories. One thing was common amongst all of them. Know what?  they never gave up! Yes indeed. The fear of failure did not stop them from achieving their dreams. They got up again and again. After all, that is what it matters the most right?

Know what some great achievers think about failure?

Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam

According to him, one should focus more on reading the failure stories of successful people. Know why? You will then know what steps you take that can lead you to failure which surely you wouldn’t want to make, would you?

A Success story which can help you.

It is okay to lose. In fact, do you know how Colonel Harland Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken) KFC, could provide to the world, the greatest of popular chicken dish to the world? Ever wondered how he came to limelight? Forget all about that. Do you know that he founded this world famous company at the age of 88? Isn’t it amazing? Read along to know more about him.

  • The guy started his venture at the age of 65.
  • He failed around 1009 times before succeeding.
  • He once was penniless. After retirement, he received a security check of one hundred and five dollars from which he borrowed around 87 dollars to buy some chicken to start his venture.
  • He went for door to door selling of the chicken where it was not approved of 1009 times until the very next shot which led him to become a billionaire finally at the age of 88.

Wonder now? All you need is a little perseverance and dedication towards what you want to do in your life. Things will work out their way automatically when you start believing in yourself. After all, it is your life and it has to play by your rules someday!