“Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing”

By Hunter J Thompson


Have you ever been so involved in one particular work that it took you into it completely without you knowing it that you are doing it? Well then, you have found something that you like to do the most. This is one very important factor when it comes to achieving your goals. Second most important factor is undaunted passion.

How your passion helps you?

The passion to achieve your aims is one driving force that serves the soul of your undying thirst for success. It is that energy drink which help you get up and get going each time you fall or feel like giving up. Isn’t it amazing that just a simple will to do something no matter what comes in your way serves as the greatest fire of your soul and keeps you in constant perseverance for the same?

An individual can succeed in anything when they possess unlimited enthusiasm for it.

Be careful!

A word of caution! Always make sure that your work is based on your passion. For everything will perish at one point or another. However, when you base yourself on unlimited passion, which is one damn thing which nothing can take you away from. It is just that fire in your soul which keeps burning bright throughout your struggle for success and guess what, it does not make your struggle feel one either.


All you need is a goal and unlimited madness to achieve it. People are sometimes called insane because of the unlimited energy they possess and guess what; it is ultimately worth all the effort in the end.

Just keep your vivid madness in fire and dance to the tune of your soul. After all, it is your life, what you make of it, is what inspires everyone else, no matter what stones you get throughout the journey.