Make Yourself Indispensable: A road map to success!

The road to success is never easy. Yes! It is something that you have heard all along. But this is completely true. Success will never come to you if you do not possess the will to continue your journey. Actually, the hard work and dedication are not enough if you truly want to be successful. You will have to be creative; you will have to innovate and you cannot deviate from that path. If you do then you shall fail. A dedicated worker can get up to a certain point, but if you manage to innovate and outdo yourself every time, then you will never have to give up your goblet of success. And that is what making yourself indispensable means!

Initially, you need to train your mind and soul for adjusting with the uninvited hurdles. Running away from hindrances or quitting is never the solution. If you are aiming to be ‘one of a kind’, you need to be brave enough to accept the rejections.

Like most people, you have grown up knowing that hard work and a path less travelled guarantees success. It is true as long as you have a fairly low bar of success set out for yourself. As long as you don’t make yourself irreplaceable you won’t be able to direct a significant cash flow to yourself. True success is reaching the end of the chess board as a pawn and evolving into something indispensable.

Obviously, you don’t start with leaps. Like everyone, you begin at ground zero with your peers. But among that bunch those who discover their potential and leave the rest in dust emerges out as a successful entrepreneur. Big money automatically follows these individuals. This holds true in all sectors. Be it a product or a service. You would not be paying premium for a BBC subscription or an interior designer until you are sure that what they offer is unique and both are leaps ahead of their competition.

On a large scale example, you might consider brands like Apple, Lamborghini and Intel. All of them are market leaders and demand a premium for their products. Apple revolutionized the PC with the introduction of the MAC and completely changed the definition of modern smartphones. The production cost of an iPhone doesn’t even reach one third of its price. But its aesthetics and features that are unique to the iPhone what enables Apple to charge a premium.

The same goes for Intel, the undefeated leader of micro – processing technology. You can get something cheaper for AMD, but would always regret that you couldn’t buy the latest Kabylake processor. Lamborghini doesn’t even need any mentions. The brand and logo itself grant you a different position in society.

All those brands deliver products that outshine their competition and give their users something completely unique. But the moment they stop innovating none of them would survive. That happened to giants like Yahoo, Nokia and Blockbuster. All of them were market leaders, but failed to adopt and innovate according to their customer needs. You just have to make yourself indispensable and keep innovating to set yourself apart from the competition.

So, what are you waiting for? Work hard; let your creative self free and it will lead you to success!