Never Apologise: Lead your team with your heart

In my career as an entrepreneur, I have seen many people trying to suppress their emotions while at work. Most of the people think that showing emotions make one look emotionally fragile. Thus, it makes them vulnerable. As a result, many entrepreneurs try to suppress their happiness, anger and frustration irrespective of the situation they are dealing with while they are in the workplace.

While it is true that being too impulsive or emotional is never good and it clouds your judgment. However, it is not also necessary to suppress all your feelings and lead like a mechanical being. We all have heard people saying that decisions that are taken based on emotions are never right. It leads you to your destruction. Though it might be partially true, it does not show you the entire picture.

Emotions are powerful agents. It helps us to connect with others and form a bond of trust as well as friendship. And that is very important in an entrepreneurial surrounding. As an entrepreneur, you are charged with the duty of leading your employees and help your business to grow. Thus, there must be some sort of camaraderie between you and your staff such that they follow you irrespective of the hurdles that your company is facing.

It is true that a company must have an excellent relationship with its customers and clients. Nonetheless, it is also true that a harmonious and trusting relationship must exist between an entrepreneur and the employees. Only if you share a good relationship with your employees, you can motivate them to work sincerely in order to increase the working efficiency of your enterprise. And if you lead your team with your heart then only you can achieve that feat.

When someone leads an organization mechanically, the individual fails to connect with the employees and no bond is formed. Every human being craves for affection and care. This fact holds true for your employees too. In the world today, most of us spend much more time at work than we do at home with our loved ones. Thus, you also need to consider your team as your family too. You need to care about them and shower your care upon them.

Whether you celebrate a success that your employees have achieved or share the hardships that they might be facing at work, you need to cherish your employees as much as you can and create deep emotional connections with them. Well, this is undeniably one of the most important parts of being a true leader.

So, when you suppress all your feelings then you also prevent yourself from connecting with your staff. Thus, what you need to do is to connect with your employees by leading them from the heart. Once you start doing it, your employees will understand who you really are and they will realise that they matter to the company too. Hence, they will be motivated to work with everything that they have got thereby helping your company to achieve incredible success.

Stop holding back your emotions. A team is composed of human beings, not mindless robots. So, you need to emotionally connect with your employees to make sure that your company grows without any hassle.

There is one other thing that I have noticed amongst other. I have seen people continuously apologising for becoming emotional sometimes. Well, that is not necessary either. Like I said, expressing emotions do not make you look weak or vulnerable rather it helps others around you to understand the person you really are underneath.

A few years back, I was at a meeting with one of my vendors. He was sharing the story of the hurdles that he had faced to establish his business and how his employees had helped him to achieve his goal. I could notice that he was choking up while talking. So, he was apologising continuously to others for his display of raw of emotions.

But I could tell by the look at the faces of his team that they were grateful too to their leader for acknowledging the hard work that they had put in from the bottom of his heart. So, there was no point in apologising after all.

When you speak and lead from your heart without trying to hide anything, you compel others to follow you. And that is something that I have learned in my career as an entrepreneur. Expressing emotions does not make you look weak but it defines who you really are. So, stop apologising, express your emotions and lead your employees from your heart as that is the only way to become a successful leader.