The True Essence of Entrepreneurship: Part 2

Broadly, we realized that not everyone call be an entrepreneur.

Why, you ask?

We started off on the true essence of entrepreneur and what some of the most basic requirements happen to be.

Being a small business owner, however, isn’t just about a few qualifications or even experience. Instead, it’s about this:

  • Learn, Unlearn, and Learn some more: Most careers are built on a lifetime of learning. The experience executives have, the more successful they are bound to be. This isn’t exactly true for an entrepreneur. Skills, experience, and “time spent doing this stuff” alone won’t do much. There’s an entire cycle of learning and unlearning, and this process is automatically repeated.
  • Ability to inspire: As if managing people’s enormous appetite for drama wasn’t enough, entrepreneurs really need to not just “manage’ people. They also need to be able to motivate, inspire, and keep them “sold” on the mission, the vision, and the journey. Management is hard enough, wasn’t it?
  • Trust: Let’s do a quick check on you — how easy or hard is it for you to leave a $1000 (60,000 INR) on the table, right now? Chances are that you’d never do that, would you? Most people are built like this but entrepreneurs have a need to unbuild themselves. As a business owner, you are expected to “let go”. Every small business owner worth his or her salt did learn to trust, to let others manage work, and more.

So, how well do you stack up to be an entrepreneur?

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