Top 5 Altcoins you need to know about

Though projected as the alternatives of Bitcoin very often, it is not always true. The Altcoins are unique in their own way and they are rapidly gaining importance in the world of cryptocurrency ruled by Bitcoin. Most of the people believe Altcoins are too volatile to invest. They believe that the infrastructure of Altcoins is poor and these cryptocurrencies are subjected to market manipulation. Well, these are all untrue myths!

Altcoins offer great infrastructure and they are mostly better than Bitcoin in some areas like transaction speed, hashing algorithm, security and transaction charges. It is safe to invest in Altcoins. Want to know which Altcoins are best for investment? Well, here are top five Altcoins you need to look out for:

1. IOTA:

Created in 2014, IOTA is one of the largest and most unique Altcoins in the market. IOTA not only offers an incredible speed of growth but it also a plethora of unique features. The transaction speed of this Altcoin is much higher compared to that of Bitcoin. Furthermore, there is no transaction charge in IOTA and it offers quantum resistance. Plus, the DAG Technology that IOTA uses is better, faster and more power to the blockchain of IOTA. So, this is one of those cryptocurrencies in which you can obviously invest.

2. Litecoin:

One of the oldest Altcoins in the market, it has grown steadily with cryptocurrency market itself from thick and thin. It was created by a Google Engineer in order to improve the blockchain of Bitcoin. The speed of creating a block in the blockchain of Litecoin is much higher compared to that of Bitcoin. Thus, the transaction speed is much higher. And what about its growth speed? Well, it is like I said before it grows steadily and healthily. So, Litecoin is a great investment option.

3. Etherum:

Undoubtedly the top contender of Bitcoin, Etherum is the only Altcoin which has challenged Bitcoin’s supremacy. Developed by Vitalik Buterin, Etherum offers a better hashing mechanism than Bitcoin by using its smart contact technology. So, it is obvious that Etherum has a faster transaction speed than Bitcoin. Moreover, the transaction cost is less too. As a result, you will be able to use this cryptocurrency to transfer the money across the world at a much quicker pace without having to a pay heavy transaction cost.

4. NEO:

Branded as the ‘Etherum of China’, NEO has proven to be one of the fastest growing coins in the market. The best thing about NEO is that it uses security certificates to protect their transaction and privacy of their users. Thus, if you worry a lot about the security of your money then this is the right choice for you. Plus, it also offers a better transaction speed and less transaction charge than Bitcoin.

5. Groestlcoin:

Though a veteran in the Cryptocurrency market; Groestlcoin remains to be one of the fastest growing as well as advanced Altcoins in this ever volatile cryptocurrency market. Groestlcoin adds a special “Proof of Work” technology over its blockchain. Thus, it makes the transaction faster as well as much safer.
Well, that’s all folks. Altcoins offer better growth opportunities in today’s market. So, invest in any of the above Altcoins and prosper happily.