Here, I  have mentioned a few points with which we can inspire a person we know or don’t know. Maybe a stranger or maybe the person we know the best.

Have we recently adopted the habit of leaving a loved in any mental condition? Sometimes even knowing the fact that they may the hiding something from maybe faking a smile in front of us, we tend to think enable satisfied and happy if they don’t come to us for complain we have become less cordial to our society but we have to increase our exchange of superficial emotions in the virtual cosmos.

So, as a humble protest and on a positive note here i am reminding all about a few simple ways to inspire or simply delight a person while talking.

1.Acceptance and receiving nature-

The acceptance and receiving nature of a man in our speeches is one of the most spectacular support for the person who needs to be heard. This helps in giving confidence and sharing of the persons in depression.

  1. Being supportive-


Being supportive is another most important thing that can help a man rather a defeated man, a man in his down, to rise head high up again. We must be supportive enough and transfer our warmth to him, make him feel safe.

  1. Talking about positive points the man and in the world around-

A man defeated and sinking in agony, not sure how to continue with life, continuously thinks about all the negative structures that are surrounding him all the causes of his defeat. All the negative characteristics that he may have incurred swells upon his whole conscious. The verbal expression of such experience is ‘doom’.  We need to break his strings of pessimism by telling him how positive his presence is. Point out the positivity that has actually made him wait and hope from life. And start anew.

4.Empathise and not sympathise-

Showing sympathy is something that can be shown for mere causes and happenings. However, a man in his blue’s might be empathised but should never be sympathised. Again, if possible he should be treated equally like the others because someone who is in is depression cannot tolerate being treated as special because it reminds me of the accident of the failure that he has suffered. Resulting into something worse. So, every man should be celebrated equally by oneself and of course their neighbours.