Why is Wonder Woman an inspiration to every entrepreneur?

Wonder Woman, a name that has been cherished by comic book lovers across the world for over 75 years. Her stories have advocated for woman empowerment. And she has always been a role model to many young girls and women. In an age when the comic book industry was ruled by Superman and Batman; Wonder Woman established a new definition of heroism. Recently, she received her own live-action movie and it has been loved by fans and critics alike.

Yes! Wonder woman has been a blockbuster hit throughout theatres around different parts of the globe. It has inspired teens, tweens, young adults and wait for it – Entrepreneurs. No, you aren’t misreading it, you just read that correct. The film with a female protagonist based on a DC Comics lineup has taught a lot to big businessmen. Since the 40s, the character based on mythology has been a role model for many growing up. In recent times she has been integrated a lot more into modern pop culture. And with the rise of Women Empowerment, the topic has become more prominent among the readers.

Rethinking your strategies

If spoilers, don’t bother you keep reading to discover few ways Wonder woman has inspired business Leaders all around.Before Diana was born, Ares, the Greek god of war planned to murder her at her birth. However, Zeus learnt of this evil plan and he brought Ares down. Diana grew up listening to these stories. So, when she was trapped in the war of No Man’s Land with her friend Steve Trevor, she became absolutely sure that Ares was behind the disastrous war. Thus, she became determined of killing him to bring the war to an end. But in her quest to take Ares down, she killed someone else. But instead of being discouraged, she changed her strategy for a favourable outcome.

What is the point of telling you this story?

The point is to make you understand that your strategy might fail sometimes but there is no need to back down because of it. Rather formulate a new strategy and try harder, the success will always be yours. Entrepreneurs shouldn’t feel down if they found that someone beat them to acquiring the patent on a product they spent months on. Instead, they should try to rethink the purpose and flow of the product and act accordingly. Netflix and Google found themselves in a similar condition long back in their early days, but their success now is a great example. Will it not be great if you are the next example?

Formidable Leadership

Since her childhood Wonder Woman has been a natural leader. She pushes back the ruthless German soldiers who had held their ground in World War I trenches for several months and years. In the same fashion business leaders, entrepreneurs must push back obstacles with their intelligence, boldness ingenuity.

Rise above adversities

Even after being aware of her true potential, Diana’s mother did not give her the chance to train like a warrior. But true to her personality, Diana trains under the guidance of Antiope, her aunt. In the case of entrepreneurship, this can be related to the companies that operate in absolute secrecy. They put all their effort into the product and don’t let it go public till they are satisfied with it. This is required today since there are security issues and patent thefts everywhere acting against your success. Be safe and sound!

You can take your inspiration from anything; even from a comic book character.

So, charge yourself like Princess Diana of Themyscira and make your way through the adversities to the grand success!